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  1. DAB

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    Enjoy SIRIUS radio throughout your home without the need to run antenna wires.

    The Echo Repeater System makes it easier to position and install your satellite antenna for best reception without restricting where you place your SIRIUS radio
    Lets you place your SIRIUS radio in a different room from your home antenna without the need to run wires
    The Echo Transmitter connects to any SIRIUS home antenna or home signal distribution kit
    The Echo Antenna discreetly connects to any SIRIUS radio

    That first statement on the description above can be misleading.

    If you don't already have reception with your current antenna placement. This device will NOT, I REPEAT, will NOT resolve this problem. You have to connect an existing antenna to the TRANSMITTER to repeat the signal to the RECEIVER. This will require that you have the antenna placement as such that you get good reception already!

    This device is simply a signal repeater... the transmitter repeats the signal it receives from the antenna, which is picked up by the little antenna receiver connected to your home dock or boombox. So there is nothing magical about this device that will improve reception.

    What this device does give you is the ability to connect a little receiver to a boombox or home kit so that you are no longer tied to a wire. This will give you some freedom inside your home. An example is having the transmitter setup say Upstairs and you enjoying reception with the boombox downstairs in your living room or den.

    This repeater does not broadcast a signal that your Stiletto SL10 or SL100 can pick up with its built in antenna. You would have to have it docked in the home dock or boombox, Soloist with the little receiver connected to it.

    I hope this helps any of you that are considering buying the Echo Repeater. I just don't want anyone buying it with unreal expectation and then having to return it.

    If you want to share your experiences with the use of these device feel free.

  2. mynameisjamie

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    These are really awesome. If you are looking for an easy set up for installing multiple radios around your home or office or anywhere really. You install one base station and if you want to add another radio, just pick up another antenna.
    Heads up though....
    If you have a 900mhz wireless phone in your home, the signals will probably cancel each other out.
    While it might be more expensive, the time and energy you save is makes up for the extra cost.
  3. Blitz71

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    Its the best thing since sliced bread. I love this set up. I have an outdoor antenna with antenna extension running into the downstairs by my computer. I have the Echo transmitter discretely mounted. I use a Sportster Boombox around the house. My wife got me the Echo repeater for Christmas last year and I still feel like a little kid in a candy store with it.
  4. MM

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    I agree. Mine is in my barn on the house side so I can get Sirius anywhere.

    This thing rocks.
  5. DAB, I am glad that you cleared this up. This product is fantastic, however, some people are a bit confused by what this product can do. I have even encountered a customer who thought the signal would be broadcast throughout the home and their stiletto would pick it up while they walked around. This is not true. It is just a simple replacement for what travels "through the wire." And for those of you who think this will improve reception, I'm sure you also feel those swooshes on the side of your Nike's will make you run faster. This will just allow you to relocate your antenna to a better spot in your home or office to receive a better signal and not have to use an extension cable.
  6. DAB

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    Matt I've encountered the misconception many times with this product. I think when people see personal repeater they think of it being sort of like a terrestrial repeater, but as you and I know it is far from that.

    When hooked up correctly though these do work very well. I've had one for my XM setup for years now. XM had one of these out for probably 18 months before SIRIUS came out with one.
  7. goreds2

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    I also have the XM version. It is awesome not to be stressed over antenna placement in the house or at work.

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