Sirius & 2009 Toyota Corolla S

Kudzu Kid

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Dec 19, 2014
Greetings All,

Pardon the neophyte post... this is my first so please be (sort of) kind in your replies. ;-)

Per the subject line, I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla S. It has a AM/Sat button button, but I don't know what else is needed. My plan is to get a new Onyx+ or whatever from Sirius and use their car kit.

My biggest area of concern is antenna installation... I have a little "dome" / dust cap on the roof near the rear window. I haven't popped it yet. What's under the cap and is it pre-wired to the console area (with maybe enough slack I could use it with the Onyx?!)?

So, to be clear, I have no intention (at the moment) of using the Sat input on the stock radio. Probably just a cable to AUX.

Any hints, tips, suggestions are really appreciated!

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Oct 19, 2008
Toledo, Ohio
Hi Pete,
Welcome to the DRC! Glad you found us.
Give TSS Radio in Chicago a call. They know this stuff inside and out, and won't push a bunch of junk on you that you don't need.
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