SIR GM1 2003 Chevy Impala


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Feb 26, 2009
Finally got it working in my 2003 Impala, factory headunit, in combination with the iSimple Ipod hook up, I have my new iPhone 3g with the Schosche adapter, so it charges and Sirius running.

Its awesome, it took some tooling around to ge the SIR GM1 working. If you have a GM this is the hook up and honestly now that I know what I am doing its a piece of cake! Hardest part, tapping a power source and getting a good ground, if your interested in what I did I am happy to share!

Best 50 bucks I ever spent on ebay for the SIR GM1 and 75 at Circuit CIty for the iPhone hookup, normally 15o what a deal! Way to go liquidators!

Seriousl though if you want some advice on this install I am more than happy to help!
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Oct 10, 2008
Sounds like a pretty nice setup you got now. Me I can't help tinker with my car to get everything just right, then a week later I see or hear about something I can't live without. It's good to hear that SIRIUS and iPod can co-exist. Good Job:bigthumbup: