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Nov 24, 2008
Is anyone having terrestrial signal issues today (June 15)? I pick up the repeater that is located just South of Philly. I read several threads on here where people were having signal trouble last week, but that the issue was better by the end of the week.

I didn't have any trouble last week, although I didn't turn on my SL2 on Friday at all. I was out for the weekend and returned last night. I put the SL2 back in the home dock and it went through some update. I thought I put it into sleep mode when it was done, so that it would record Stern this morning. When I woke up, it was shut down completely. At the time, I thought maybe I accidentally shut it down. Now, I am not so sure.

Anyway, when I turned it on this morning, it picked up a Sat. signal and everything was fine. However, I am getting no terrestrial signal at work (I don't usually get much of a Sat. signal). I haven't had issues with repeater signals since the merger went through and Sirius was able to turn the local one back on. Also, I am not able to get it going via Wi-Fi. I connect to the wireless router, but when I choose a station it says connecting and never comes through. It ends up saying "Connection Timed Out".

So.....I can't connect today via the repeater or the internet.

Anyone else having these issues? Did anyone else see their unit update in the last several days?

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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
My unit has not updated. My only weirdness is a 60 second recording from channel 10 (E-Street Radio) which I did not make. I deleted it once but it came back again. :idunno: