Shovel Knight


Release Robin's Bra
Oct 11, 2008
so this was a kickstarter backed game that just got released a month ago on nintendo and pc. its really awesome. its a throwback to the NES era platformers and u play as a kinght whos main weapon in a shovel that is used to dig up treasure, kill enemies and bounce around to advance in levels. like the review says its a perfect mix between a bunch of great classic games like duck tales, mario 3, zelda 2 and mega man.

although it is a throwback its clear from the attention to detail and the fantastic soundtrack that there is no way this game could actually run on NES hardware.

i bought it on the 3ds and the 3d effects are a nice touch that you dont get on the other platforms. i was a little worried about paying $15 for a eshop game but it was well worth it. also the game has around 1000 secret codes you can use to do things such as make you invincible or let you start with certain goodies.

heres the review:

and the reason im making this thread is cause i just read these articles today:
Sales Breakdown: One month later! | Yacht Club Games

that talk about how well the game has sold. i love being able to buy these quality indie games on my 3ds and hope that the success of shovel knight will pave the way for even more top notch indie games to come.

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