Send your pissed off messeges here. Do it now, do it often

Discussion in 'Hip Hop, R&B, Old School' started by Dave_Perry, Nov 12, 2008.

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    I did that about the disco station. They got so damn confused they sent me something about a different program change I didn't ask about. But the squeaky wheel gets the grease!
  3. OptimusNarwhal

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    Done and done.
  4. v1ru5

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    I wrote XM.
  5. styckx

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    Write Sirius, sending shit to XM customer care is like writing a check to a Nigerian and expecting $10,000 back.
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  7. VinnyM27

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    It should be noted that when you leave general feedback from a site, they limit you to 500 or maybe characters. You'd be surprised how fast you can get there when you got a lot to say. So GF for short comments and Customer Care for long rants! :yesshake:
  8. case_quarter

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    Here's the response I got from Sirius Customer Care:

    Thank you for your email to find out if there will be any old school rap on Hip Hop Nation. We are happy to help!

    We understand that it might be frustrating not being able to hear the programming you are looking for. SIRIUS understands that our customers are passionate about the programming they want to hear, that is why we appreciate the feedback! We continually rely on customer feedback like yours to enhance your entertainment experience, and are happy to forward your comments and suggestions to our programming department for further consideration.

    SIRIUS is always striving to bring you the music and content that you want to hear. In the meantime, we suggest requesting songs and/or emailing your favorite DJs. (Please keep in mind not all of our channels have DJ contact information.) Please follow the steps below to do so.

    - Visit
    - Click "What's On SIRIUS"
    - Select "Music"
    - Click on the channel of your choice
    - Click "Request a Song" or "Send Us Email"

    We also suggest making a request by phone at:

    Thanks again for your feedback. All suggestions we receive are forwarded to our programming department for further consideration. If you have any more suggestions or comments, please feel free to contact SIRIUS Customer Care. For your convenience, we are available 7 days a week at:
    1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474)

    As well as by e-mail at:
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Customer Care

    And you can always manage your account 24/7 by visiting our website at:
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - The Best Radio On Radio


    SIRIUS Customer Care

    Did you know that SIRIUS has great money-saving billing options? You can get 1-14 months free depending on the option you choose. Call us at 888-539-SIRIUS (7474) and we’ll help you choose the plan that’s right for you!

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio, The Best Radio on Radio
  9. flguy

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    Same stupid generic email that they are sending everyone who complains. I complained about one of my fav mix shows getting moved to a later time and I got the same response back.
  10. VinnyM27

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    I just sent another one and got a very canned response. Even worse, I got the same canned response from Zellner TWICE (once from Customer Care and another from his "own" email). Not much hope.
  11. TSSJimmyCoN

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    Hulk angry!!!! Hulk smash!!!!!!!!
  12. goreds2

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  13. Steel Cranium

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    Good site. Also had a few e-mail contacts that I didn't send correspondence in the past.

    Here is my latest - to summarize - if they really care about the programming, why not have a couple-hour show on one of the non-music channels to discuss the programming issues. Let some programmers/DJs host it. At least it would show that they care...


    I have been a Sirius subscriber from before Howard Stern came onboard. I now have three subs that are paid on a yearly basis. Once the Stern rumor was released, I gave Sirius a try and enjoyed the music as much as the Stern show. Unlike the iPod, Sirius provided a source to discover new music. Although I listen to many of the rock/electronic channels, Boombox and left of center where my first two presets. LOC was like my local college station with a signal that didn’t fade 20 miles away from the point of broadcast. Boombox provided music that I couldn’t hear broadcast elsewhere (minus a few web or cable channels). Both of these channels seemed to have programmers that cared – LOC started integrating a few cuts from the 90s to keep the station from becoming too obscure – Boombox received some negative comments about too many mashups, and replaced most with ‘electro-rock’ mixes. The listeners spoke, and they listened.

    Now, Boombox was removed without any warning – only a website statement that said “if you enjoyed boombox, listen to alt nation†that wasn't too accurate. Once show a week (zeroes and ones) doesn’t cut it. I am seriously looking at canceling my subs since I really don’t listen to the music that much anymore due to format changes. I listened to buzzsaw, and it’s gone (at least for now). Lithium was an interesting listen, but gave it up once matchbox 20 and barenaked ladies made the playlist. The remaining two dance stations don’t interest me and sort of sound the same to me.

    I don’t wish to see Sirius lose subs or have a worse fate, especially for something that could have been easily fixed (or still can be fixed). Hopefully, emails of this type are analyzed to determine a trend (bring back boombox, strobe – programming changes a few stations like octane & lithium – general censoring issues) then work to fix it. Unlike securing talk host talent, making programming changes are cheap.

    If the management cares to help the situation, how about a call-in show to discuss how to make our Sirius/XM better. The medium is already there, just advertise and use a couple of hours from one of the non-music stations. A programming “town hall†will at least show that someone cares to not lose subscribers. Let some of the programmers host.
  14. VinnyM27

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    I'm going to start writing about the disco channel in some way shape or form everyday because they don't listen. So I guess it's all about volume. They are just starting to send the most obvious cut and paste forum complaints. Daily messages. And I bet that 80s page STILL hasn't been updated!
  15. xan_user

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    Only way to get it through their heads is call the cancellation department and threaten to cancel due to less choices in programing. (how many single artist stations can we tolerate?)

    They will offer you a credit. (and maybe more..);)

    At least they feel it in the pocket book that way and more importantly the cancellation department CS get paid a whole lot more than offshore CS, so you taking up their time is hitting em as well.
  16. DAB

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    Well give yourselves a pat on the back because for once in their crappy corporate lives Sirius is listening and bringing Backspin Back! :) Good Job!
  17. MM

    MM Administrator

    Woohoo!! :)
  18. RyanSirius

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    Incredible!! This is the potential of a subsriber driven medium

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