SCVDOC1 Question


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Nov 15, 2008
I have a sportster 5 hardwired into my car. I just bought a F-150 with the Pioneer AVH-P3100DVD installed. I want to be able to move my sportster 5 into my truck as well as my car and I heard about the SCVDOC1. My question is if I want to hook it up to my Pioneer head unit that is sat radio ready, do I need any other devices (like the CD-SB10 they sell on Amazon for pioneer) or can i hook the SCVDOC1 directly into it and control it from the head unit?

TSS Taylor

Oct 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
Thanks Josh. I really like the headunit.

some pics here:

Finally got the AVH P3100DVD - F150online Forums

I'll give you call about it soon. I really need it now.....LA radio blows more than ever and I can't take not having Sirius in both my vehicles any longer.

That Pioneer Headunit looks really cool. On a side note RIP 97.1 Talk FM in LA :(
I'm just glad I moved forward 4 or 5 years ago and have been happy with SIRIUS ever since ;)