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arrogant bastard
Feb 13, 2009
Today, we have a trio of woman-fronted bands, who all released albums in the 3rd year of the 90's. And they all have Boston connections. Plus, they all performed live on Jon Stewart's show.

We'll start with the Boston band Letters to Cleo. Initially, their 1993 debut album Aurora Gory Alice was going nowhere, until this song made it into the Melrose Place soundtrack, and the band blew-up (plus, Kay Hanley's really cute)

Letters to Cleo – Here and Now (live on Jon Stewart)

The famously unintelligible chorus is:
And it might be...
The comfort of a knowledge of a rise above the sky above could
never parallel the challenge of an acquisition in the here and now.

Here's another hit song from the album
Letters to Cleo – I See

Their follow-up album, 1995's Wholesale Meats and Fish, got radio airplay with the song Awake, but otherwise didn't score big.

Next up: Belly - a side project for Boston native Tanya Donelly, who went from Throwing Muses (featured in a future installment) to The Breeders (see below), and then fronted the band that would score big with the 1993 debut Star. The album generated a bunch of radio hits, and made them a household name. Here's the big hit that everybody knows

Belly – Feed the Tree

They toured with their other hit
Belly – Gepetto (live on Jon Stewart)

They played big arenas. Here's another favorite song from the album
Belly – Dusted (with a bit of Full Moon) (live)


arrogant bastard
Feb 13, 2009
And we'll finish Belly with another song from the album that got radio airplay

Belly – Slow Dog

Their 1995 album King didn't do so well, and they broke-up after it was released. But they reformed a couple of years ago.

The final artist of this trio is The Breeders. Kim Deal formed the band with her sister Kelly, after leaving U Mass punk band The Pixies. Their debut album Pod (with Tanya Donelly as a member) didn't chart, although Kurt Cobain really liked it. But the 1993 follow-up, Last Splash, was a major success. Singles from the album include No Aloha, Saints, and these

We all know this one
The Breeders – Cannonball (live on Jon Stewart)

There are many great songs on the album, including this slow-burner
The Breeders – Do You Love Me Now

and this fun little ditty, containing one of my favorite verses: If you're so special, why aren't you dead?

The Breeders – I Just Wanna Get Along

and here's the other big hit from the album
The Breeders – Divine Hammer (live on Letterman)


Mar 28, 2016
These are acts I liked one song from back in the day, then heard one more song from that didn't rope me in at the time, so I never pursued them. But if I listen now with fresh ears, I might dig 'em. I've had that happen with a few artists. Back then, so much good new music was pouring out, a lot of good acts slipped between the cracks because there were so many great ones to enjoy!
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