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  1. I just wanted to make mention that I didn't shell out the $80 that Belkin wants for their Ipod FM transmitter. Scosche makes an FM transmitter, model IUFMD and it is great. Sends a great signal and they have the best customer service in the world.


    Part Number: IUFMD
    Product Name: Digital FM Transmitter for iPod/MP3 players; charges iPod

    Play music from your iPod, MP3 or any other audio player with a 3.5mm headphone jack through and FM radio station The digital LCD screen features a blue backlit display Charges iPod while transmitting music at the same time Choose from up to 100 transmitting FM frequencies. Include frequency fast seek feature Include 2 interchangeable cables Mini USB to iPod dock connector for iPod Mini USB to 3.5mm headphone plug for all Audio players

    Hope this helps for all of you.
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Thanks for the info! It is always nice to find a cheaper alternative that works just as well.

    I am still amazed at how many use these things. I've worked very hard early on to buy head units that had one or two aux inputs so I could get away from those things. I know the many of the newer OEM's now offer an Aux input.
  3. I know, the thing that I really like about this one is that it charges the ipod as well without having to use the headphone jack on the ipod at all.
  4. gilpdawg

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    I bought a Sony head unit that had an aux input in front just so I can switch easy back and forth between Satellite and iPod. FM transmitters suck.

    However, if you have to use one, I've heard good things about the Scosche.
  5. AZDude

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    I think FM Transmitters are best used in the house.
  6. question

    Does it transmit far or do you have to have your radio next to your ipod?
  7. I haven't really tested it to see how far it transmits. I just know that in my truck, there is no interference at all. I'll test it and let you know though.
  8. Jon

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    Is this compatible with iPhone? I could use something like this for the car to play Slacker and Pandora over the stereo.

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