Schedule of the 80s on 8...a secret?

Discussion in 'Decades, Pop, Rock' started by VinnyM27, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. VinnyM27

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    Like the name of the Sheena Easton album, maybe it's the "Best Kept Secret". Ok, week one I understand that they don't have their shit together but they STILL have the old lineup of the Big 80s on there, including the Big 80s Top 40 Countdown and Martha Quinn's (I'm still unsure if that is the on the air...I could have sworn they said ALL the original MTV VJs were still there...guess they would rather play old programs they got in a fire sale than put on one hour of original programming, huh.

    And apparently to appease dance listeners, they gave Denny Terrio a show of 80s dance stuff. But again, it's a secret....don't tell anyone, they might listen. I guess they like complaints over there....I'll keep complaining, I guess.
  2. Aaron

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    It is sad that Sirius hasn't updated their page!
    XM has the updated schedule.
    80s on 8
  3. goreds2

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  4. monty

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    I have been using the XM site for program info as the Sirius site stinks.
  5. VinnyM27

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    Two weeks....Wow....they are something!
  6. snakester

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    I've been having to use a combination of both. XM's sucks in the rock category (most DJ's have no pictures and it doesn't tell the times they're on) and Sirius' seems to suck at every other category.
  7. goreds2

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    I heard this on Friday. Not a bad interview.

    Rick Springfield Interview
    Tonight 6:00 pm ET (9/7/09)
    80s on 8 | SIRIUS 8; XM 8
    Rick is coming back to catch up with original MTV-VJ Mark Goodman, about all the things going on his life including a 4 show appearance on the show “Californicationâ€, his upcoming 2nd fan cruise, and of course his new music projects. (1 hr)

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