Satelilte Failure (But Not Sirius)

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    SES ASTRA satellite experiences technical anomaly, enters retirement - Engadget HD

    Satellite failures aren't completely unheard of or anything, but it's always a sad day when a dutiful bird loses its wings. SES ASTRA's ASTRA 5A -- the former SIRIUS 2 operating at 31.5 degrees East -- has experienced a "technical anomaly" which has led to the end of the spacecraft's mission. The outfit has already switched a significant part of its traffic to another ASTRA satellite, with German cable operators specifically mentioned as businesses affected. It's tough to tell at this point what the eventual results from all of this will be, but here's hoping it doesn't set back any potential HD expansion.


    I just wanted to post this in case somebody else sees this report. This is NOT one of the Sirius Satellite Radio birds, but a Satellite that is serving Europe.
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    SIRIUS owns RadioSat 1-4.
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    XM-1 (Rock) and XM-2 (Roll) as well as XM-3 are part of the family now.

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