S100 erasing over timer-recorded programming


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Jan 2, 2009
I don't know if there is a bug in the S100, or I am simply recording too much, and it erases things automatically, but-- I set the S100 to record several timer blocks, and to "keep ALL shows". If there is no room left on the unit to record further programming should it not obey that important option, and not simply record over it. Am missing a setting of some sort, or is there something wrong with this unit?

All the special recordings I made during the last 10 days-- from Howard Stern to Radio Hanukkah specials-- have automatically erased themselves.

I am thinking that when I set the recordings I had it "keep all shows", and once the recordings I wanted finished, I removed the set timer because I didn't need any new recordings at the given time. So, it must have simply erased what was recorded.

Come to think of it, though, it was erasing even when the timer was still having it record at a set time and I told it to "keep all shows".

So-- how do I keep timer-set recordings or programming recorded on the s100 in general that are important to me. It doesn't respect the "keep all shows" instruction.

And, how do I make it retain recorded programming even when I remove the initial timer instruction (not that it seemed to matter anyway since it erased old programming with the time setting in place).

Is my unit defective? Shouldn't it at least not record any new programming before erasing old programming it was told to "keep"?

Thanks for any advise,,,,,NY Satelliteman


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Nov 24, 2008
It sounds like you are experiencing what a number of people have experienced. I have the same issue and have used the device recovery three times over the last 9 months. For me, the device recovery is only a temporary fix. There were a number of posts on the other board about what may be the cause of it. I wasn't the best at staying up with those posts, but I never saw anything where someone seemed to nail the cause.

My issue seems to start when I let too many shows get loaded onto the unit. It happened most recently over the holidays, when it kept recording and I didn't delete off shows. Once it starts deleting, it usually deletes down to where it only has 10% to 20% of total memory. Then it deletes a show each time it adds a new one. It doesn't seem to matter if you aren't telling it to delete shows, it does it anyway. I would guess that it starts to do this when the total memory gets up around 70% or 80%. It seems like it does better when I shut it down on a daily basis (rather than putting it to sleep when I move it from one dock to another).

I think that I bought this unit with a BB policy - whatever it is that they call it. I am thinking about getting my unit replaced with a new one with the hopes that I won't have the issues - or at least be able to use more of the memory than I can with this unit.

I don't have any better advice. Do some searching on here, you will probably find some suggestions. I think you will find that different people have had different experiences as to what things tend to cause their issues, but the common theme is that it deletes content that shouldn't be deleted.


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Oct 15, 2008
well, i just called sirius to get a replacement issue right before my 1yr warranty is up. I have done 2 device recoveries, to no avail