Robby Gordon - Baja 500 - Win turns into a 7th


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Nov 6, 2008
Are you kidding me? This is the first that I've ever heard of a driver being penalized for speeding, other than pit road. I can understand the refueling violation but speeding. :scratch:

Robby Gordon was moved from the winning spot to 7th early today as SCORE International handed out penalties from last weekend’s 432-mile race. The “black box†tracking information needed to be examined in order to verify that Gordon didn’t violate the Mexico highway speed limits and deviate from the racecourse. It has been revealed the Robby Gordon was not penalized for course deviation, but was assessed a 10 minute penalty for exceeding the maximum allowed speed of 60 mph while traveling on the highway and Gordon was assessed a 90-minute penalty for the fueling violation.

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