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    can you rip a dvd and add it to your zune video collection?
  2. hank-the-dwarf

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    I am wondering about this as well.

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  4. ProperModulation

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    I like this one:

    Magic DVD Ripper - rip DVD to hard drive or blank DVD

    A couple years ago I looked all around for a good DVD ripping package for my video Ipod and this was the best that I found. There are a lot of packages out there and this was the one that gave me the least headaches. My main issue was audio/video sync as the movie progressed and Magic DVD Ripper was the only software I tried that eliminated or minimized the issue. That problem has all but gone away since I built a new machine last year. I guess the faster hardware helps a lot. It's also pretty versatile in the options it gives you for output. I rip DVDs to my ipod all the time (I then use Mp3tag to add ID3 info and album art to the MP4 file).

    It's not free but it does a good job.
  5. hank-the-dwarf

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    i will have to give these a shot.
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    Yes Cucusoft works for Zune but will have TRIAL VERSION across front if you dont buy it
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    Why not just use Handbreak? It's free and open source.

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