Review: PowerConnect for Sirius Starmate 4

Discussion in 'TSS Radio Hardware Reviews' started by kryptonite, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    I suppose i'll get right to it. It's a basic FM connector, similar to what some of us were using built-in to the radios back in 2005 and 2006.

    It's a basic install. All you do is replace your regular car kit with the power connect dock and power plug, and you're good to go. A big thing for me was the ability to keep the factory installed FM radio, which I am able to do with the Power Connect.

    Yes, you do have to find a suitable FM frequency on which to broadcast your Sirius radio.

    Yes, you do run the chance of static and other interference. I have something weird going on with my wipers. Whenever I run them, I run the chance of hearing some sort of interference through the speakers. It's not a whole lot, though. I'm sure if I wanted to, I could install something to fight the wiper interference.

    It's less than $50 (before shipping), but the ability to deter thieves with a factory-installed car radio is worth the cost of not having to replace my radio with one that has aux-input AND run the chance of someone smashing my window.

    SIRIUS PowerConnect Vehicle Dock and Power Adapter

    TSS-Radio SIRIUS PowerConnect Vehicle Docking Kit -- They'll even take $2 off for an open box item.
  2. shabadoo25

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    Thanks for the review. I tried the Power Connect on the Onyx with my mother-in-law's install, and wasn't that impressed. I went with the FM Adapter instead.

    Also, there are a lot of good, moderately priced after market stereos with an aux input that wouldn't be "high end" enough for a thief to bother with a smash and grab. Plus, even the bargain units have detachable faces these days.
  3. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Even if you detach the face, they'll still want to smash the window. Even if they take the radio without the face, the damage is still done. The key point for me was keeping that original radio in there.

    Like I said, it's straight out of 2006. If you want something quick and easy, go for this. If you want something with more sound quality and less interference, go for something else.
  4. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    It is an improvement over the other FM setup that Sirius was using, but still not the best solution. Even in my Scion xB I have FM fade a great deal. I think this works well in some vehicles and not so well in others.

    Nothing like an Aux-Input and most vehicles you can get an adapter that will work for them. Well let me say that sometimes newer cars take a while for them to create the adapters, but eventually you can usually get one. Aux-Input is the only way I'd fly!

    Thanks for the review, I think it will be helpful for those that have to go that route.
  5. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    Oh, I totally agree. I had Aux-In in my old car. I just didn't feel like having a mobile security risk with a nice-looking after market radio.

    Yeah, it's only $100 or so (maybe less by now) to get a new CD player with aux-in, but i'd rather spend those $100 elsewhere.

    I'm almost shocked you can't spend $30 or $40 or so on a car stereo which is just a clock, aux-in, and volume dial. No CD player, no AM/FM.

    SIRIUSALAN New Member

    st2 power plug repair

    i just finished repairing my 2 starmates that had power plug problems. thanks to some old postings about fixing the solder joints. the poster was "tmcgow1" 12/30/06. thanks,

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