Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by vaham, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. vaham

    vaham New Member

    How can I find out if there is a repeater near me?
  2. dlynx

    dlynx Member

    You might try this to get an idea... Sirius Radio Satellite and Repeater Map

    However I can confirm that not all the information contained in it is correct. At least in my area the terrestrial repeater it shows as being there is not there... I think it's 60 miles away from the registered address from rumors I've heard.
  3. vaham

    vaham New Member

    Thanks dlynex I'll take look
  4. ctkatz

    ctkatz Member

    i really don't know if they are all that effective. i live in a city that has a repeater and i have trouble picking up signals when my stilleto is not connected to my car dock, especially indoors in buildings less than 2 miles from the repeater site.
  5. me_rubin

    me_rubin Member

    Anyone know if there is a site that shows XM repeaters?
  6. Wayfaring Map - XM Terrestrial Repeaters

    This shows you XM terrestrial repeaters but I don't think it is showing all the repeaters they have cause I would think there would be some in San Fransisco and other places.

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