Recurring themes in Pandora

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    I've been listening to Pandora for a few months and I like to ask it why it played a certain song. I've noticed some recurring themes and I wondered if anyone else has. Apparently I enjoy folk influences as well as punk influences, subtle use of background vocals (seen this one a lot) and extensive vamping (don't know what that means).
  2. Yes I have noticed songs repeating often. You can tweak Slacker more then Pandora. It offers more options when it comes to creating your own station. Give Slacker a try if you have not already. See if you get different results, but tweak the Slacker settings to your liking as you create a station. Compare the two providers......
  3. ykw

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    The FAQ is your friend.

    From the FAQ page:

    "Vamping is a term that refers to extended improvisation over a repeated chord change. One of the quintessential examples of vamping is last section, or 'outro,' to "Freebird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, featuring a 5-minute epic guitar solo over some repeated chords."
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    I thought that was "jamming", you know, like what the Grateful Dead and Phish do.
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    You do have to spend a good amount of time with it to tweak the station-after 8 months or so i have my stations just right-every once in a while something will get played that does not belong and im quick to hit the thumbs down.

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