Reciva Goes Bye Bye's - Older Grace Radio et al. to suffer.


"Not dead... just resting"
So the internet radio aggregator is shutting up shop and taking older internet radios with it.

The Reciva Internet radio station aggregator is closing down

and move details here: shutting down?

Grace is apparently offering a 30% discount for replacements - details are mentioned in the above articles.

My personal take: Really like having a radio that is just a radio. Everything else involves my phone, PC or getting Alexa to understand that Talksport 2 is not Talksport 1, and Classical King FM is not Sirius XM Classic Rewind. Contrary to a co-workers comment... I really don't want to setup a NAS server. :)
I feel like I did when I couldn't buy anymore blank Betamax tapes.

The funny thing is the radio is finding stations way faster than a fortnight ago, must be less connections now wanting updates.