Reasons I feel that Howard will be working Fridays again.

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by k9feces, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. k9feces

    k9feces Member

    Sirius has been surveying cancelled subscribers, one question involves the amount of time Howard works.

    A few months back Howard said that he will show us just how committed he is to Sirius, I believe he was referring to working Fridays.

    Sirius may have to ask for a bailout for the government, how could they ask for money if their highest paid employee doesn't work 5 days a week ?

    Not as many XM subs are subscribing to Howard as they hoped, Live Fridays may lure more Best of Sirius subscribers.

    Howard had some meetings recently that rushed the show, maybe he will be getting a "bonus" to work Fridays.
  2. Bandit 5160

    Bandit 5160 Member

    Howard is just being lazy. It's not like his job is all that hard. He needs to step up to the plate and do what his fans expect of him.
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  3. Die_LaMattres

    Die_LaMattres Active Member

    LOL. Five days? Five days per month maybe. I've seen the surveys, and if Sirius is only sending them to those who have canceled, I believe they are making a mistake.
  4. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    Some people really won't give up on this issue I guess. If SIRIUS XM were to try to get Howard to do something they would focus on stuff that isn't already agreed to in his contract. Like trying to get him to do more appearances on Talk Shows for example.

    There are plenty of good alternatives to a Live Friday Stern show? There is plenty of music and other talk shows to listen to.
  5. jef

    jef Power Pig, Hello!

    Unless Stern is dancing naked in a tophat on their kitchen table, some people just aren't going to be satisfied. Seems that the "I pay your salary" mentality extends to satellite radio.

    The government isn't going to bother bailing out satellite radio, and even if they did, there are far more important and obvious issues to tackle than how many days a week Stern works. And while it would be interesting to see if Howard would start working Fridays again as some sort of incentive to attract people, I don't see it happening. Satellite radio is going to have to fix itself.
  6. ProperModulation

    ProperModulation Green Type of Tube

    And lets just ignore the fact that both companies have always gained a respectable number of subs every quarter and that their REAL problem is paying down the huge debt they incurred to start each company and pay for programming.
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  7. Chob

    Chob Well-Known Member

    I'll stick to listening to his show, thanks. :right: Anyway, I don't see Howard working Fridays on a regular basis.
  8. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    Friday mornings are Bubba's now and thats the way i like it.
  9. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    Not that I care but there's no way in hell Howard is working Fridays. :rofl2:
  10. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    LMAO, he is filthy rich already. I dont think he'll ever work fridays again. unless he's gonna take off mondays or somethin perhaps.
  11. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    I agree. I love bubba @ 9am on fridays. it comes on just as im getting settled in at work.
  12. Bandit 5160

    Bandit 5160 Member

    I hope its about more than just the money for Howard. I think his coming to Sirius might have saved the company, so I will always be greatful for him, but I hope he still has some love and passion for what he is doing...taking every single Friday off makes some people doubt those qualities in him.
  13. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    If your boss gave you every Friday off as part of your contract, and you took every Friday off, would you expect people to doubt your love and passion for your job? Would you come in for free on Fridays just to prove your love and passion for your job?
  14. TSS Taylor

    TSS Taylor DRC Fan

    Especially when you do come in for a Friday and the next week when you don't all your fans complain about it. I really think Stern wants to please his reasonable fans. But he ends up going to places like SFN and sees that the majority of those speaking out are pissed at him for being who he is.

    It's not a healthy mentality to keep trying to please a group of fanatics over being in a healthy mindset. He reflects on his earlier years and seems to realize he gave up every part of his life and friends to put on a good show. I don't think he would ruin friendships over good radio as much now. And I don't think that's a bad thing from his perspective.
    For his fans it might suck a bit more though.
  15. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    I think some people, like Stern, have to realize there is more to life than a radio show. Sure, listening to Stern explain his neurosis back then gives me a sense of longing for the old days, but then I remember what I was like back then and I realize that if I grew out of that era, then Stern certainly can (and should).
  16. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    No, no, no. You don't understand.

    Some people love Howard. To them, anything less than 5 days a week and at LEAST staying until 11 AM ET is "washed up." They turn their radios off when Howard signs off and counts down until the next live show. To them, whenever Howard is not in the studio, even if it is a federal holiday is like living in hell.

    Whatever Howard was doing back in the 88-95 years should still be done today, even if it isn't relevant now.

  17. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    And you accuse others of being too intimate with the show? Howard is not a personal acquaintance. I don't care about the level of his "neurosis" or his "growth" vis-a-vis my own, I just want the show to make me laugh. The show's either funny or its not, and that's about as deep an evaluation as I care to make.

    They didn't "give" him Fridays off, he asked for it. There's a difference, and there is a commentary to be made about the request.

    He's not going to do Fridays again, period. In fact, people should start getting use to the idea of him doing even less days a week, because that's what he'll want when his new contract is up (unless terrestrial makes him an offer he can't refuse, in which case he will be doing a full week's worth of work. But that's almost as unlikely as his return to Fridays).

    Howard doing Fridays isn't the reason SiriXM is going bankrupt, and if he started doing them, it wouldn't make a difference to their bottom line. This company has much larger fish to fry than getting the show back in shape.
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  18. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    This. If my boss tells me to take a week off, i'm outta there, and I bet most people would take the week off as well.

    He was told to bring people to Sirius, and that's exactly what he did. When was the last time millions of people signed up for an unheard of product in that short of a timespan? (Say Summer 2005 - Summer 2006, or right when the "big push" was.)


    He overworked himself in the early years and ended up paying for it with his divorce. He doesn't want to go down that road again.

    You can't please everyone no matter what your job is, so you might as well do the best job you can do and if people don't like it, that's a problem with them, not with you.

    No one is forcing these people to pay for Sirius. They're more than welcome to drop their subscriptions. (And maybe some of them should. If they didn't listen to Howard wrap up his week at 10:35 AM Thursday, and bitch about it nonstop, the world might actually be a better place.)
  19. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    He got a divorce for the same reason every man who ever attained fame and money does - he had lots of options and he got tired of his wife. I give him credit for lasting as long as he did, but its as simple as that. I didn't see him dating yentas from Long Island once he was single again; he was dating actresses and models. He remarried a blonde-haired, blue-eyed shiksa. Its a tried and true cliche - the kind he use to make fun of. He upgraded, and there's nothing wrong with that. But lets not try to rationalize it.
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  20. k9feces

    k9feces Member

    Mel Karmazin does doubt Howard's passion. Howard admitted this. Mel didn't sign Howard's contract, and expects more than what he is getting out of Howard. After all Howard did say he would work "some Fridays"

    [ame=]YouTube - Howard Stern only takes a few fridays off[/ame]

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