Really goofing off today


Molon Labe!
Oct 16, 2008
Western, PA
I've been out of town for the past few days and I'm in my home office today doing all the office work I've needed to do but I'm pretty much caught up and I'm really just goofing off now. here is a sample of what I've done within the last hour.

1. Harrasing telemarkers--My home office phone number is for some reason listed in the yellow pages so I get telemarketing calls all the time. ONLINE YELLOW PAGES called today and I just went nuts. I challenged the person on the other end of the phone to a "duel" and then just spoke gibberish with a japanese accent for a solid two minutes until he hung up. I sort of hope they call back.

2. Blazing out emails to our IT department condemning them for not letting us activate Visual Voicemail on our new Blackberry Bolds. I downloaded and attached the PDF file from ATT's website that explains all the features and I'm really just starting to push the boundaries of what is acceptable. I keep alledging that it will help us salespeople in managing and filing our voicemails. I claimed to be an expert on the matter and claimed to have used it on my IPHONE and also my Verizon Blackberry. I have neither device adn have never used visual voicemail and don't really care about it. I'm just annoyed that they locked it.


Queen Calypso
Apr 29, 2009
I won't give a sample of what I have done in the last hour..

And it hasn't been playing mind games with other mods on a bad member on a forum I mod on as a way to ban them once and for all...

That would be fun