Radio Replays not working anymore on SL2?

Discussion in 'Sirius Portables' started by Allanon, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Allanon

    Allanon Member

    Have anyone else noticed this on other channels? I listen mostly to Symphony Hall (80), and I used to have 20-30+ hours of radio replays of this channel.

    Since the update, I've not only lost my replays, but I am not getting any replays. I've tried erasing&resetting the unit, but it didn't help.

    Anyone else having a similar problem? Does it affect other stations as well? :confused:
  2. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    I've found that stations that haven't moved are still adding to the replays.

    New stations aren't doing that yet.

    I'm hoping that it's a side effect of the merge and that they'll sort it out soon.

    My replays from stations that were lost in the merge disappeared. I suppose that makes sense. When the radio is scanning to see what you're listening to, it can't align the station ID with what's being broadcast, so it assumes you don't listen to it any more.
  3. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    I think this will be fixed when they give us the update for the logos.
  4. pto

    pto New Member

    Me too

    I'm very glad to discover it's not just me. I also did a complete reset, choosing to give up some recorded shows in order to get back replays, so I was unhappy to discover that it didn't work. Wish I had read this thread first!
  5. monty

    monty Member

    I have found that the New/Changed stations are recodring about 15 minutes a day at work.
  6. down4six

    down4six Well-Known Member

    All my replays disappeared last night/this morning (Nov. 24th). Maybe the replay fairy decided to come steal them, I guess I should have looked under my pillow this morning....... ;)
  7. HecticArt

    HecticArt Administrator

    My stations (that weren't changed with the merge) are all still there today.

    I wouldn't look under the pillow. It might not be the replay fairy, it could be Freddy Kruger. . . .

    Pleasant dreams. . . .
  8. down4six

    down4six Well-Known Member

    What would Freedy Krueger want with my recordings of Bluegrass and Prime Country? Have a hoedown? :scratch:
  9. XeroFuzion

    XeroFuzion Member

    Here is my awesome replay story.

    Since Sirius decided to wipe out some channels, those channels that were stored in my Radio Replay area lost the Title from where it was saved from. So there is just blank space above the time.

    What is even better is that I cant delete them or listen to them either. There are two replay slots just sitting there like this ... :p

    I have no idea if this is related to not being able to LOVE songs, or update the wallpapers, or update the channel "sounds".

    I am not an engineer, but it doesnt take a genius to figure out all the radios were working okay BEFORE THE CHANNEL UPDATE. SO WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO OUR RADIOS TO BREAK THEM?
  10. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    I had this happen with recordings and loved songs. I could play them although playing them did seem to make the unit unstable.

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