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Discussion in 'NASCAR' started by foyt, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. foyt

    foyt Member

    Does anyone out there have the ability to link us to today's bit from Moody's show? I was having a hard time staying on the road listening to this one. :rofl2:
  2. riskybzns

    riskybzns Well-Known Member

    maybe someone with a stiletto can post it.
  3. yippeekyaa

    yippeekyaa Well-Known Member

    Been meaning to clean up some files off the stiletto for weeks. So here ya go.
  4. I would if I can figure out the damn thing!!! I hate the antenna headphones, too bulky to wear and they fall off my head!
  5. Ruaidh

    Ruaidh Member

    Thank you so much!

    Have you any others?
  6. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    I always figured you had a "big head".:smug:
  7. mghtx

    mghtx 2000 Man

    I've been saying it for a LONG time......

    The shows need to be available as a podcast for download for subscribers. After the show is over put it on the web as a podcast.

    Then if we miss it we can at least listen to it later.
  8. no I thought that was you.
  9. yippeekyaa

    yippeekyaa Well-Known Member

    I have a few dozen of the infamous moody parodies saved. I've been considering posting a "best of" type of poll here using them before the end of the year.
  10. Ruaidh

    Ruaidh Member

    Good plan!

    Go for it.
  11. mghtx

    mghtx 2000 Man

    If I had one of those Stiletto's I would record every TMD and post the show on the net. Of course I'd probably have to be stealthy about it and only let a select few know of it. ;)
  12. I still hate the thing!! The reception is horrible!
  13. yippeekyaa

    yippeekyaa Well-Known Member

    As a portable unit, the headphones with the antenna in top stink. But there is an easy way around it if you dont mind a few minutes of work and wearing a hat. I attached a regular antenna on top of an old hat using zip ties. Then i put on the hat plug in the antenna then plug in my favorite ear buds to the other jack in the bottom. Works like a charm, no dropped signals and no fussy headphones to mess with. Spent many a Sunday mowing the yard while listening to the race with that setup.
  14. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    Yall have got it bad!:smug:
  15. antsie

    antsie Well-Known Member

    Like the commerical says..........NASCAR.......how bad do you have it???
  16. I am so not going out looking like Marvin Martian

  17. Easy Money

    Easy Money Active Member

    I was thinking it, but I wasnt saying it!:ignore::rofl2:
  18. [​IMG]

    I will destroy you with my "Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulator

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