Race car collision injures official

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    An Indiana County dirt track official is recovering from multiple injuries at a Pittsburgh hospital after he was struck by a car while attempting to restart a race after an earlier collision.

    State police at Indiana said aggravated assault and other criminal charges are pending against the unnamed driver of the race car Friday at Challenger Speedway in Young Township, according to Trooper Todd M. Stephenson.

    Witnesses said police impounded the suspect's car after the 4:21 p.m. incident.

    The race track official, Michael "Moose" Polena, 42, of Sarver in Butler County, was recovering Monday in UPMC Presbyterian in Pittsburgh from torn ligaments and dislocation of his left knee, injuries of his right leg and a bruised lung.

    Witnesses said the impact threw Polena into the air while he was on the track attempting to restart the race after a collision minutes earlier.

    According to Stephenson, the incident began when racers were bumping each other and one of the drivers "spun out" on the track. Police said while the caution flag was out, one racer involved in the initial collision became upset, drove his car the wrong direction on the track and intentionally hit the right wheel of the other car involved.

    The force of the second collision forced one car into Polena near the starting line.

    Race track officials did not return calls for comment.

    Race car collision injures official - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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    forgive me for never being to a short track race, but i thought the days of having officials start the race down on the track were long done with.

    the official is the brother-n-law of one of my friends. she said he usually works the gate but on that night they asked him to be the starter. she told me that the two drivers had been bumping each other pretty much the whole time during the race. i'm pretty curious as to why the track owners didn't park these 2 if they were driving in an erratic behavior.
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