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Discussion in 'Decades, Pop, Rock' started by Bark, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    Just a question I've been wondering about. I noticed mainstream stations like "The Pulse" and "Sirius Hits One" censor songs with profanity or drug use, but stations like "Lithium" don't.

    I understand the rationale, but does anyone know which stations are censored and which aren't? I'm just wondering where the line is.
  2. jwt873

    jwt873 Member

    I'm assuming they keep some 'swear-free' channels for the Family Friendly package. FWIW, Sirius has a list of the 'mature' channels with adult content that aren't included in the family package...

    SIRIUS Satellite Radio - Mature Content
  3. limegrass69

    limegrass69 Confused

    Anything that is in the family friendly package will have censored/edited music. There is no outright profanity. Some blatant drug references are removed too. In general, if there are two versions of a song (album cut and radio cut), the radio cut gets played.
  4. YewLittleBitches

    YewLittleBitches New Member

    f*cked if I know.:jj:
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  5. kingchuck69

    kingchuck69 Joker! Joker! Joker!

    The reason is simple: pop music has generally been more conservative, just like its listeners. The crossover hits are usually the ones to get bleeped, but then again, their uncensored counterparts have always been heard on the rock or urban channels. It's Sirius' way to appeal to ALL listeners, and not just the ones who love uncensored music.
  6. dlnester

    dlnester Active Member

    Remember most of the pop stations are part of the business offerings... and most businesses frown upon those things being played in their stores.
  7. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    Makes sense since the kids and their parents are listening to those pop stations. On the rock stations, anything can go. Lithium with it's censor free tracks reminded me of what 89X used to do back in the day (they were uncensored because they were coming out of Canada....still are, I believe).
  8. MAJ Badmotherfarker

    MAJ Badmotherfarker is drinking a beer.

    &&^%**$#^& you F*cking &^#)@($**(!!!!!!!!!!
  9. kingchuck69

    kingchuck69 Joker! Joker! Joker!

    Yep, 89X is still around but it's not as cool as they used to be since they're into the emo-punk trend. At least they've outlived The Planet, The Edge and Extreme Radio (God do I miss the 90's).

    I remembered when 89X played Consolidated's "You Suck" during their Saturday night club show... Uncensored. A TON of their stuff was unbleeped as well.

    One more sidenote, 89X has a classic alternative show Sunday mornings; it's practically Lithium and 1st Wave rolled into one.
  10. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    I used to love that Sunday show but haven't really listened since getting Sirius.
  11. kc1ih

    kc1ih Active Member

    I hear the f--- word sometimes on Disorder 33 also.
  12. Davis

    Davis Member

    Reggae Rhythms, while it doesn't have much bad language, it does (of course) have songs about marijuana that aren't censored.

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