Problems using AMEX Gift Cards?


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Oct 13, 2008
Do any of you guys encounter problems using American Express gift cards?

Supposedly they are accepted anywhere that accepts regular American Express credit cards, but I haven't had ONE positive experience when trying to use them. Typically they are declined, then there's calls back and forth with American Express to try to fix the problem.

For example, yesterday I tried to use them when ordering clothing from The Territory Ahead. They accept American Express and they say they accept American Express gift cards. Placing my order (using the gift cards) resulted in card rejection, 2 calls to American Express, 4 calls to The Territory Ahead. Finally, I was able to complete the order with a customer service rep, but then today I got an email stating the 3 gift cards were rejected, and AGAIN I was on the phone with customer service.

Even in restaurants, always rejected. Always. I typically end up whipping out my regular American Express credit card and pay rather than deal with the problem with the restaurant.

Anyone else experience this problem using the gift cards, or am I the only lucky one?!?

TSS Taylor

Oct 9, 2008
Chicago, IL
They are a pain to process. If a website has any billing address filters they may flag it and decline it. They have the issue that Debit Cards do with authorizing funds from the transaction before it may have cleared. But also they just don't like to go thru if the website requires a matching billing address.

Best to use those cards in physical stores that don't require a zip code. Don't use at a gas station either because of that fact.


Oct 13, 2008
Southern Louisiana
Last year, my company gave us one with our Christmas bonus on it. I had a bunch of trouble ordering online with it, on every site I tried, I even tried to pass it through my paypal dice.
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Oct 11, 2008
I hate those debit cards from credit card companies. They make less sense than regular gift cards. Considering that you pay a fee to "buy" the card you end up spending like $55 just to give someone $50. And if they don't use the whole thing in a year (maybe less depending on where you live) they start deducting "maintenance fees" until all the balance is gone. At least gift cards are good for the amount that you paid, and they are good forever (here in CA anyway). Feh!