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Discussion in 'XM Radios' started by MPSirusXM, Jun 10, 2012.

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    I have three GM vehicles. 2005 GMC Sierra Truck, 2007 Corvette, and 2011 Buick Enclave. I just purchased the Corvette last week.
    I have had for years the XMSirus on 2005 with the Premium Package and upgraded the 2011 Buick with the same package. Both work with no problem.

    The Problem is on the 2007 Corvette. When purchased the XM was in another person’s name. I switched it to my name to get the Premium Channels. The radio was working fine with the XM standard channels. Contacted Sirus XM had them add radio and paid for premium. They said they could do a trial period and upgrade to Premium for a small fee.
    That is when the problem started. They could never load the premium channels. Next day I lost all channels, and I only get 0-Radio ID and 1-Preview with audio.

    I worked with them for five days straight trying to load basic, trial, premium nothing is working, the Radio will not refresh or load. So in short they only thing that they were able to do is shut off channels. I did everything they wanted me to do. Disconnected car battery etc, like I said other two radios are working fine.

    Has anyone had similar experiences with this, and how was it rectified?
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    Welcome to the DRC MPSirius.

    Is it the factory radio or after market?
  3. MPSirusXM

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    It is a factory radio. All three of mine are factory radios.

  4. SXM_Help

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    Hi -

    We apologize for your experience. We would like to help you troubleshoot your radio in your Corvette. Send us an email with your contact info to and we'll reach out to today to help.

    SiriusXM Digital Care Team

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