Problem with old radio, advice requested...


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Feb 25, 2009
Hi all, I am sorry this is long, but I am pretty clueless about hardware and I hope somebody can help me with some advice about what to do.

I have a ST1 (Starmate 1) Sirius radio that I bought from Best Buy almost 4 years ago. Lately it's been "sticking"--when I try to change channels on it after it's been on for a while, none of the buttons work. It just sits there like a brick, playing the channel it's already on. I have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to respond again. This is unpredictable, it can happen in the morning after it's on all night (I have horrible insomnia, the noise helps me sleep) or during the day after just an hour.

I'm assuming it's only going to get worse until it quits working altogether--or is there some way I can fix it myself? I do know how to solder if that helps.

Anyway, I have some kind of extended warranty from Best Buy that means I can take it back and they should repair or replace it or give me some kind of voucher, but I don't know what to do about it. Does it cost money to de-activate my ST1 and activate a new radio? Do I have to prove to them that it's getting stuck (hard to do when it's random)? Do they just give me a voucher for their store? Do they send it off to get fixed, leaving me radio-less until it's sent back? Has anyone returned a radio to them before?

If they want to give me a replacement radio, are there any really bad ones I should try to avoid? It looks like there are many new models from 30$ up to 100$+. The warranty plan I have is for up to 99$. The radio doesn't go with me in my car, it just sits on my stereo at home.

Finally, I'm reading about these wireless internet radios, should I just keep using the ST1 until it completely dies and then sign up for an internet-only Sirius sub and use an internet radio like the Grace things instead of getting a new Sirius-brand receiver? I am so confused.

I would really appreciate some advice.
Oct 10, 2008
I am not too familiar with Best buy warranties but I can give you these bits of info. First, the ST1 is no longer in production and I am doubtful that BB has any sitting around for a replacement. More than likely they will replace it with a stratus 5 or possibly a starmate 5. I also say this because the problem you have with your radio may not be repairable and I don't think they are qualified to repair them anyways. Very few places are. With that being said, depending upon the equipment you have you may not be happy with a new replacement because it will not be compatible with your current set up. For example, if you have a boombox for your ST1 a new radio will not work with that. This of coarse means you will have to replace that as well. An upgrade to a new radio means an upgrade on everything. Depending on what you have and what they (BB) say they will do for you, give us a call I can work something out for you. I want you to be able to utilize your protection plan w/ BB since you paid for it but w/ other components you may need I think I can help you out with that. I hope this info helps.


Dec 16, 2008
Every time I needed to swap bad tuners sirius waved the transfer fee, but i had to ask them to.

With regard to docks and such, after i complained i had to get new ones to go with new radio sirius offered me a few free months to try and make me happier. ( but i had to be speaking to the cancellation and dept to get the offer)