Problem - SNYSC1 SCC1


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Jun 5, 2009
Let me give the basics. If anyone has a clue or asks I will be happy to give all the detail I possibly can.

Some months ago I had a whole new system installed in my '07 Ford Edge.
Sony XAVW1 DVD Receiver
2 - Rockford Fosgate amps
Infinty speakers & sub
Steering wheel control module

Sirius Sony package with the SNY-SC1 and SC-C1 as well as Sony XA-110ip iPod adapter.

Since the day I got it what happens is when I start the car the stereo comes on and if it's cool or cold it will cycle through the startup sequence twice.
Once it's warm it won't do it twice but the iPod will show dark on the screen as if it's not there. Not there as in no adapter.
Sat Rad will show but when I select it the unit "reboots" and when it's done the iPod shows as there.

Additionally to the above, when the system is cool or cold the Sat radio works. Once the system has played a few minutes , after again starting the car and doing the power cycle thing twice the iPod will work but the sat will not.

Now that summer is coming on the car will be relatively warm even in the mornings and the Sat will not work at all.

I had a "professional" shop do the installation and it all looks beautiful and sounds awesome. But they have no clue why it's doing this.
I have sent the receiver back to Sony and received a refurbished unit which does exactly the same thing.

The issue with the Satellite radio is clearly temperature related.
Has anyone had any issues or experience with this sort of thing?
I want to think it's the SNY-SC1 adapter as the Sat tuner and the iPod adapter both connect to the system through it.

Please! Someone help.
I am a PC technician but am not a stereo installer.
At this point I feel like there's a power issue. As if the receiver is not getting enough power, but the iPod and Sirius thing seems like a different animal.

Any hints, thoughts, suggestions, etc would be greatly appeciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Sep 7, 2009
I'm not an expert either but one thing that came to mind is the ACC+ lead and the BAT+ leads not being wired correctly to all the components. It seems that some of the boot sequences are off. I've seen the two +DC wires switched on other devices that would work, just not properly. You may want to get the wiring diagrams for each unit and check to see it they are wired correctly. Also, check the ground wire on each one too. Some brackets that ground wires get attached to are painted before the car is assembled and are ground poorly. Check for that as well.