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Discussion in 'Slacker Radio' started by out of control, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Slacker Personal Radio - Premium Radio

    I suppose it would be good to have a dedicated thread for this. My mind wants to keep slacker topics organized within the forum. Rather everything bleed together in a couple threads. So post your premium questions here....

    One question. If I buy a year......Is that billed in monthly or yearly payments ?

    Curious what stats are like. Do you use premium ? Not use premium ? Why ?
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I did the 7 day trial, which in my opinion should be 30 days. But after having it for a week I did go ahead and let it renew for the full year. They charge your account for the full year at once, not broken down over time. This is why they give you a discount because you are giving them your money up front. $7.50 per monthy if you do the yearly sub. They do have 3 and 6 months subs, but the savings aren't as good, but if money it tight it will work too.

    I like the premium because I can skip songs as often as I wish. I can save songs to the device, it allows me to skip ads and even turn off DJ's and station jingles if I do not wish to hear them. But I really like the ability to be able to request specific songs and add specific artist songs to my stations. The bottom line is if you don't care about any of those things, stick with the free service. I also liked the service so much that I wanted to support it.

    I personally see this as one of the only real valid replacements for sat radio should the worse case scenario that many are painting come true. I personally plan to use them as a compliment to each other for now. But on the music side if I had to live with Slacker only, I could do that easily. I love the service!
  3. I anticipate getting the G2 in the next few weeks. Then using the player for a month without the premium. Chances are I will probably end of getting the premium. I don't want to be restricted, and miss the full functionality of the service. At home I can do without premium, but I think it will be better to have with the portable.
  4. TVGenius

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    Being a new G1 owner and longtime web player user, I don't mind the limitations of the free service. But seeing as how I'll probably join the mob that's cancelling their XM/Sirius subs on the 17th, I'll probably support these guys, and odds are my wife will be joining me soon (once I get a chance to show it to her in action... she and I are both SO fed up with what happened to XM. I knew it was bad when my mom ordered a G1 from woot too after losing her Sirius channels in the merge)
  5. As a G2 owner now. I still don't feel like I need the premium service. I don't skip songs very much. As far as ads. I have listened to about ten hours of the G2. I have heard maybe 3 Slacker Id's, and maybe I heard one commercial. Although I don't really remember hearing it. So I'm not confident on that. Anyway my point is the ads are very limited. I am curious about the saving songs feature of the premium. If I have zero MP3's in the personal storage space. About how many saved songs can I store in the personal storage space ?
  6. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I don't skip songs very much either, but I do like to save songs occasionally and I also like having the ability to create stations and getting an unlimited number of requested songs allows you to really personalize your stations even beyond the fine tuning.

    I think what will happen is as you refresh you will get more and more commercials. The average is around 1 per hour from what I understand. I personally don't want to hear any commericals if I can pay a few bucks to not have them then I am there, but more importantly I want to support Slacker as a service. They do a fine job with the professionally programmed stations.

    In regards to the 1gb for storing music you have an option of storing your own music or saving up to 240 songs in that space. I have no desire to add my own music, I have an iPod for that, so I will use it for saving songs!
  7. My feeling are similar. I ultimately will probably get the premium, but I just wanted to go without it for a little while on the portable to compare the difference between free/premium. If the ads become played more often I will definitely upgraded sooner then later. Certainly it would be good to support the company as well so they can survive. I don't plan to load personal MP3's either. I want the space to be for future saved songs only. 240 songs is a good amount of space for saved songs. My stereo in my new car has a ipod interface. So I'm thinking I may get a ipod classic. To store most my personal music on it. I don't really buy music anymore so my personal library should not grow anymore. I think the combination of the two units will work out well.
  8. I took the plunge. Liked the unlimited song request feature. Plus it is just better to get the most out of the service. With no limitations.
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  9. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Welcome to the Slacker Premium subcriber family! Yeah getting the most out of the service is what I look at too. It truly is a great service I have enjoyed it so much. I initially thought I'd bring the G2 back, but once I had it for a week I was totally hooked.
  10. willie321

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    Dab, Just what I was looking for in regards to the Premium service. My G2 is on the truck to be delivered Monday, however "Santa" won't be using it until the 25th unless he is allowed to test it out earlier!...

    I have a 40gig Zen Touch where my main collection is located and carrying two units is not a deal breaker for me.

    If I could ask another question to the group...I understand that if I don't load all 25 channels on the device, then the channels I have on it will add additional songs above the 100 that is the max if all 25 are loaded. Is this statement correct or am mis-reading? Thanks...
  11. DoublEE

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    Welcome aboard. I tried the trial months ago and got hooked on the idea of unlimited ban/skips.
  12. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Hopefully you get to test and load it up before Christmas so that way when you finally get it, well you'll be ready to go. But if not, you'll still enjoy it.

    My understanding is that if you want larger amount of music on stations. The less stations you have the larger those stations you do have will become. It seems there is a 500 song limit though for any given station. But 500 songs is a lot of hours of music. Since they estimate that a 100 song station will play for about 5 hours without repeating. If you got a station up to 500 songs you are talking over 24 hours of playing without a single repeat.

    The only thing I really wish they would do is give us the ability to turn off the auto refresh so that we can manually refresh it when we want too and yet still be able to charge it. Right now when you plug it in to charge if there is wifi in your area then it will automatically refresh. Not a deal beaker, but doesn't always allow you to listen to channels fully before they get refreshed, so you may hit some repeats sooner than you'd like.
  13. It is a very nice relief not seeing the ads on the web player anymore having the premium. To the left of the player is much easier on the eyes now. As well as the ads not interrupting the "now playing" display. All and all not being limited in what you can do is great.
  14. I am just blown away by this unlimited request song feature. Slacker is way better with the G2 in your life with the added premium service. By the way.....did I mention I put my slacker sticker in my back car window. The sticker that came with the G2 in the box. I want to :bigahh: this provider is so should I say sweet. Actually I just wanted to put that sorta smiley face in my post.
  15. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    OOC, I am glad you are happy with the Slacker service. I am too and it sort of reminds me of my early days of sat radio. I've been telling everyone about it. I think I've gotten at least a half dozen people to get a G2 since I got mine.

    The request song feature rocks!

    I have not found a good place to put the Slacker Sticker on my xB yet. But I will likely do it eventually! Oh and I don't know how it happened.. but I had two stickers in my box? I actually thought it came with 2, but all the family and friends that got them told me it only had one in the box.
  16. I loved some songs prior to signing up for premium. I was hoping those loved songs would automatically go into my library as saved once I signed up for premium, but they have not. I don't see anyway to manage this. If I click love again on one of those loved songs. It does not do anything.

    Now that I have premium.....How do I save those songs. That got loved during pre premium listening ? The songs are loved, but not saved. Must be some way to resolve this, right ?
  17. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    That is a good question, since I started out with a trial sub for the premium, I never had that issue. I do know that not every song can be downloaded so that could be part of the issue.
  18. I got it. Figures I can't find it till after I post the question. Oh well.

    Open "displaying now">wait for the loved song to play again>right click on loved song in play list>save song option....

    right clicking at that play list location gives some other options as well....
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  19. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Good info! Thanks! :)
  20. For my songs that are marked as "favs", but are not "saved". I would like the G2 to have the ability to allow me to "request the song be saved the next time I refresh the station". As of now I can only save it via my computer. For now in order to to get caught up. I'm going to set my "favs" settings to maximum play. That way I can get all my pre premium songs saved that I want in a timely manner. Then lower the setting once I get it caught up.

    Of course if the G2 had the ability to "request/add a saved song to your account at refresh". Only premium subscribers would have that ability to manipulate these "saving" features.

    If you don't have premium yet, but are thinking about getting it. I would suggest you purchase it sooner rather then later. To avoid this shortfall stated above........Of course if you have not "faved" a song yet it is no big deal.

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