Predictions: What has the crew been doing over the holidays?

Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by RDog, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. RDog

    RDog Well-Known Member

    Any predictions as to what the Stern crew has been up to over the holidays? My guesses:

    - Stern: locked himself in at some resort while Beth did things on her own outside.

    - Robin: Picked up some new hobby she'll drop in about 3 weeks.

    - Fred: Stayed home and raised his family.

    - Benji: Dreaming up fake stories to tell about himself in '09.

    - Artie: Spent entire holidays high on a combo of food, drugs, and booze.
  2. Snoozer

    Snoozer Well-Known Member

    Sounds about right.
  3. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    Yup, except Howard probably didn't go anywhere, except maybe the Hamptons.

    Gary spent his holiday flossing with a garden hose.
  4. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    Artie Lang was on the Jimmy Kimmel show this morning. I am not sure if that was a rerun or not. I just happened to run into it.
  5. k9feces

    k9feces Member

    Howard filled up another notebook with show ideas
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  6. Vargas

    Vargas Molon Labe!

    Howard: Pretty much did nothing and got mad that Beth had a semi packed schedule of movie premiers and North Shore Animal League events. However, he probably stayed up late (until 10pm) a couple of times to catch up on his Tivo'd shows like "the biggest loser" and Smallville.

    Robin: Galavanted all over Europe where she frequently forgot her purse and other personal items. Took in several Broadway shows as well as plays in London that she absolutly loved. Brushed up on her recent WINE expertise.

    Fred: Normal holiday. Hung with the kids.

    Gary: Watched the kids all day while Mary shopped and went out with her friends and had fun.

    Artie: Had a "crazy" schedule doing shows where he saw "the hottest girl ever, an L.A. 9." Bet on a lot of football while in Atlantic City. Got a few hookers, saw his mom, overate his mom's food and now weighs in at 307 lbs.
  7. robhurlburt

    robhurlburt Well-Known Member

  8. JoeTan

    JoeTan Well-Known Member

    "Gary spent his holiday flossing with a garden hose"

    Tell me this isn't your favorite song ever thanks to Artie laughing in Gary's face! Baba Booey Song
  9. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    Yea sounds about right also I'm just guessing, Sal and Richard probably have gay sex somewhere? :eek: j/k
  10. Ifandorbut

    Ifandorbut Well-Known Member

    Artie will claim that he listened to a lot of the History of Howard Stern and he'll point to something that he heard and remark that even as a lifelong fan, there were some things about the show that he didn't know about.

    He'll also talk about banging some chick. The sexual encounter will in some way deal with the exchange of money for sex.
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  11. kryptonite

    kryptonite Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing it was a re-run considering that Jay, Conan, and Dave have all been repeats as well.
  12. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    Wait, what outfit was he wearing?I forgot he wears the same one everyday so you wont be able to tell if it was a new
  13. RDog

    RDog Well-Known Member

    This made me laugh, I know Artie's stories are repetitive but this really sums it all up. I mean, we're all creatures of habit when you get right down to it, but Artie has it down to a science! Hopefully he'll prove us wrong, though.
  14. RDog

    RDog Well-Known Member

    I only hope something "controversial" happened over the holidays so that they have interesting stuff to talk about next week, instead of the usual "Hung out with Billy Joel in the Hamptons"/"Went to Europe to study wine"/"Banged an L.A. 9"/"Went to see Coheed & Cambria for the 62nd time and peed myself" predictable stuff. If Howard goes into a long schpiel about Caroline Kennedy or Blagojevitch (sp?) on the first day (YAWN), I'd imagine they had pretty boring holidays.

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