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    Anyone ever seen the prada-willy syndrome documentary Artie is always mentioning? I found one on Youtube about prada-willy kids in Britain, but there's no scene where a kid goes running after an ice-cream truck and gets tackled for it. I can't imagine there's a different one?
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    I did some searching and didn't find anything else on youtube. Looks like the proper spelling is Prader-Willi. I started watching some of the videos and they were too sad to laugh at. Artie has to be one cold mofo if he made fun of these kids after watching a video about the syndrome!

    (still I'd like to see the ice cream truck clip... :))

    Oh, I did find this, which describes the clip. Apparently it was from an episode of Dr. Phil:

    In August 2006 Dr. Phil did a show featuring parents of children with PWS. Nichelle, a single mother of a 6 year old with PWS, Savannah, related that her daughter is quite impatient and displays violent temper tantrums. Nichelle admitted she was at her wits end in dealing with her daughter’s behavior, and found it extremely difficult to control her own anger in response to her daughter’s outbursts. This has left her feeling like a bad parent. Mercedes, the mother of a 23 year old PWS daughter, Maribel, related that frustration or something as simple as a change in plans can set her daughter off. She showed a disturbing video clip of her daughter screaming in rage and ripping off her clothes when denied ice cream from the neighborhood ice cream truck. Mercedes stated that, due to severe obesity, her daughter had developed several life threatening illnesses, including diabetes, a sleep disorder and gall stones. Maribel’s own statement regarding her health was heart wrenching in its childlike innocence: "I scared to die. I want to see God, but I scared to die.” In her advice to Nichelle, Mercedes said the key is to deal with your PWS child with lots of love and patience and to never give up.Children
    with PWS also have a characteristic appearance. Their distinctive facial features include a narrow face, almond-shaped eyes, small mouth, a thin upper lip, crossed eyes, and full cheeks.
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    Maybe that Dr. Phil episode is what Artie saw and he didn't want to own up to watching that show. As for the PWS kids, the severity of their retardation isn't any worse than Gary or Wendy's. In fact, having see that British documentary, I'd say that the PWS kids are more intelligent and functional than those two.
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    True. Good point.
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    Apparently the PWS documentary was big in Britain, as there are many parody skits done about it on Youtube. There's one kid from that docu that is particularly popular.
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    Artie claimed he was at an event for Prader-Willi kids (and didn't even know it until he hit the stage because I guess he was just taking any old charity event for Stern fans).

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