Pics from some Saturday night dirt track action


Nov 17, 2008
Fairfield, CA
The World of Outlaws sprint car series was in Chico California this past weekend and I was able to finally get out to a track and use my new camera. To be honest I really struggled with it, I bought it last month and this was the first time I had it at the races with me. This was also the first time I have ever used a lens with IS and I think that also was giving me fits. WoO/IMG_0547.jpg WoO/IMG_0562-1.jpg WoO/IMG_0566.jpg WoO/IMG_3807.jpg WoO/IMG_3889.jpg WoO/IMG_3909.jpg

And this one is one of those "You are an idiot for forgetting to change your flash settings" moment. This was shot 2 in a 4 shot sequence, only the flash hadn't recycled yet WoO/IMG_3829.jpg
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