Petition to bring back the Strobe (or a classic dance/disco channel)

Discussion in 'Dance, Latin, Int'l' started by VinnyM27, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    I know that people say these petitions don't work but right now I think if Sirius XM can survive for a little longer that they will listen to what customers they have rather than try to piss them off to the point that they cancel. So I think there is a chance that they could make some positive changes and add a disco channel (and/or a classic hip-hop/rap station) in order to please customers and bring new ones on. I'm not getting my hopes up to high, though. Just figured I would stay up late tonight and spread the word on this petition. I figured I might as well try.....I know....I already sound defeated. I'm realistic. Enough doubt. If you like (or love) disco/classic dance, please sign the petition.....Change is good!

    Bring back Disco/Classic Dance Station to SiriusXM Petition
  2. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    Doesn't look like there are a lot of people interested in bringing this back or I'm just not reaching the right people. I'll keep posting this on message boards but honestly, unless we start to get some bigger numbers soon, maybe Sirius XM was right that it wasn't that much of a loss. Unless there are at least 50 by this weekend, I'm going to give up on it and let it lay there and just email Sirius myself every week or so (and I recommend that to everyone else wanting to bring back a channel...I think they are probably getting flooded with complaints rather than praise for this move and it takes them a week to get back to you (not that they even need to).

    My goal is 500 signatures by the end of the year (and hopefully from real subscribers) and then I will send the link to Sirius and print it out for Mel and Scott. Please, if you have friends that are subscribers give them the link. I realize these things rarely work but they really don't work and are embarrassing with so few sigs. Help us out. Thanks.
  3. SoundsLike

    SoundsLike New Member

    This was one of two stations on my radio that went dead along with a few others that changed.
  4. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    Than let your feelings be known and welcome to the board.
  5. ldivinag

    ldivinag Member


    but here's to hopin'... :(
  6. GreenHornet99

    GreenHornet99 Member

    I signed a couple of weeks back. In the meantime on XM I found the Groove which is close to Strobe/Chrome although a little more urban orientated but still the closest match I could find. Sirius has nothing close at all.
  7. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    It's all part of Sirius' plan to the most white demographic!
  8. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    No it's call not enough bandwidth to add as many channels as they want or at least that you seem to think they should. Sirius's system can't handle as many channels as XM because they both have different codecs that they encode with. Sirius also has 2 additional Canadian channels that XM doesn't have.

    I am sure they are just sitting there behind their big desk saying. Now how can we make this service whiter! PULEASE!
  9. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    Two additional Canadian channels! Way to diversify!

    It's just a coincidence that Sirius has the much whiter lineup...and that the totally scraped formats were heavily African American! I'm not saying Mel is the head of the clan but this "mainstreaming" as it where certainly favors country and rock far too much.

    I get that Sirius' limited bandwith is a problem and hopefully one that will be addressed in the future (but improving the service and making it better....seems like unlikely considering the recent changes). What do I money is no good to them, I guess.
  10. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yeah, I guess it would be much more diversifed if they had kept the Strobe! LOL

    I think they looked at demographics and viewed overall who were buying into sat radio. If the African American population wasn't buying in as quick or at numbers higher than Caucasions then that would justify the change. But I don't think anyone sat down and said we must get whiter. It is demographics like with any radio station or subscription services.

    I know a few audio shop owners in different areas of town, they all pushed sat radio big time, but they told me that black folks just never have bought into sat radio like white males. Their words not mine, but if that is true then it would expain a great deal.

    Well if your money is no good to them, cancel and quit bitching! GEEZ!! LOL
  11. KTMCDO

    KTMCDO Member

    these do not work if you want disco/classic dance and if you havent done so already
    close your sat radio accounts AND GO WITH SLACKER
  12. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Now that some good advice right there! :bigthumbup:
  13. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    I guess they didn't count on pissing off white folks (like myself) so I'm glad that the strategy for "gaining" customers is working for them.

    And while you and your friends seem to like the idea of dismissing the fact that there is an African American audience for satradio, there certainly is, and getting rid of stations that feature African Americans heavily, or better yet, getting rid of the modern R&B station (Hot Jamz) in favor of "Rhythmic Top 40" (The Heat, so that way we can play white people like Justin Timberlake that do black music and it builds up the white audience) is a nice way of saying "Kiss our white male ages 18-40 asses). They need more rock station that plays skateboard music, cause that is a genre we need or 6 stations that play country, cause it can be broken down by more than just maybe 4 different sub-genres?
  14. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I am sure they knew they would lose some subscribers even those obsessed and pissed off. You being white is irrelevant!

    LOL, you are truly getting funny now Vin, me and my friends. How cute! LOL Let me clarify it for you one more time, I simply said that they likely looked at the demographics and clearly African American's have not adopted sat radio at the same rate as Caucasian males. It is the primary demographic that they have identified as being their target market. So, apparently they are programming accordingly. This isn't to say there are NO African American's listening to sat radio. This scenario of course would be speculation on my part, I have no idea, but if I was making a guess that would be it. I know you don't want to accept reality that is clear to see, but unfortunately you will have to live with reality, considering you have 157 supporters many of which likely only signed your petition to make a statement for the own favorite channel. The fact is Rock and Country are genre's that draw within the demographic that are subscribing to sat radio. Disco, well I doubt other than you, there are a handful of people that will cancel or ever subscribed because Sirius XM had a Disco channel. I also doubt them not having a Disco channel will prevent very many from subscribing either.

    In regards to the R&B, I think they have indeed robbed this genre and only time is going to tell if it was the right decision or not. But something has convinced them of the decision they made and I think it was based on demographics and subscription adoption rates. One thing for sure if they figure out that they did make a mistake, it will be R&B that get a channel back, long before it will be a Disco Channel.
  15. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    Are we basing African Americans not coming to satrad on the five people that have walked into a Radio Shack?

    So does it make sense to not only ignore that "niche" potential audience but to take away or alter what few African Americans that do subscribe and listen to classic hip-hop or disco (while disco might not be an elusively black genre, since there is no Groove channel on Sirius, it's the closet to old school party music, which most good FM R&B stations play on weekends) or modern hip/hop R&B? Am I wrong but is Sirius XM done getting subscribers....sure seems like it! All they are interested in doing now is tring to get those that are hooked to pay more (funny thing, I think I'm paying less than ever before because of an error they didn't would probably cost me money to cancel now plus, I would like to get some use out of the equipment that I paid for, in case you were wondering).

    Here's a question. Getting a disco station might not save Sirius....but does getting rid of it do what, help attract the morons that were at some rally in 1979? Does getting rid of a old school station get Johnny rebel to buy a radio? How about, offering almost indistinguishable rock about one artists channels that play for months while apparently unique rock stations could be playing? All the right moves! You and others have said that most changes would not even get noticed by the causal listeners, who apparently own mulitple radios. Also, if the price goes you think those causal liseners would stay or would they say "Well it's not worth $14.99". I think I know who would stick around. So do away with all genres!

    Part of me really hopes that I won't have to make the choice about making my equipment useless and that the company just goes under for it's all bad decisions. Of course, Mel and others will have nice golden parachutes and not pay for it. But at the apologists like you that thought they were making all the right choices by eliminating variety and increasing the over all FMness and whiteness of the programs will be proven ultimately wrong. and than we can all throw our Sirius XM radios in the garbage together. All the subscribers, white males and undeserved fringe alike!
  16. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Yeah Vinny that is it exactly! Another brilliant post that doesn't deserve a reply! If this is all you'v got you are out of gas!

    157 signed your petition enough said!
  17. IdRatherBeSkiing

    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    When XM & Sirius came to Canada, they agreed with their partners to provide a number of Canadian channels on the service. XM had 1 Canadian music channel and a whole bunch of piddly ass traffic like channels which counted as Canadian. Sirius had 3 Canadian music channels and less talk channels. The difference between the 2 services is 2 music channels which cannot be consolidated. These are contractual obligations to their Canadian partners that Sirius XM must comply with. Unless and until Sirius Canada and XM Canada merge, nothing can be done in this matter.
  18. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    While the petition was never presented to Sirius, Apparently enough folks did call, email, write letters and threaten to cancel that they got the message that the Strobe was more popular than they thought.

    It is good to see them finally reverse themselves and this is a first!

    Good Job by all!
  19. KTMCDO

    KTMCDO Member

    the strobe and backspin are coming back just posted about it
  20. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Thats amazing. Good to see some changes!

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