Pachter: Microsoft can cut Xbox 360 price at anytime


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Oct 11, 2008
Seattle, WA
"What Microsoft has on its pocket is $50 more on its price, which they can pull that trigger anytime they feel like it. You guys all saw the rebate that they have. They did it to see how the market reacted. It's a two week promotion, September 22nd to October 5th and it's done. They want to see what $50 does before they do $50 across the board. They made it a little bit hard to do: you got to cut out a box piece, you got to enter a code on the website. But they're testing it."

When discussing the Modern Warfare 2 hardware bundle, he later added: "They are going to have a 250 gig box. That's the point. They didn't buy 5,000 of these as a test. There's going to be a 250 gig 360 some day. So I actually think you're going to see the 120 gig get priced at $249 whenever they feel like it, which might be January, February, it's going to happen. So, if I were a gamer, I will be watching for that. I think Microsoft got more leverage to pull."

I can see them shaving $50 across the board for the holidays.

$149.99 for an Arcade? I can see a lot of people pulling the trigger when that happens. :bigthumbup: