ot Create your own music shop with the People's Music Store


Oct 15, 2008
source arstechnica

Digital music store innovation remains strong, and People's Music Store is the latest attempt to bring a unique approach to selling music. Whereas Lala.com lets you put your collection in the cloud and Amie Street makes music social, People's Music Store allows music fans to build and share their own storefronts, stocked with hand-picked music. Now is your chance to show up that snotty record store owner once and for all, and even score some free music in the process.

People's Music Store (PMS), as its name might suggest, is a music store that features nearly 300,000 tracks. While most of these songs are from artists on 4,500 indie labels like Rough Trade, 4AD, and Domino, a company spokesperson told Ars Technica that it hopes to get all of the major labels on board soon. The twist is that PMS prefers to take a back seat on your musical adventure while its users' "storefronts" take the wheel. Instead of directly selling music to customers like Amazon or Amie Street, PMS prompts users to collect their favorite artists and albums, write their own reviews and commentary, and combine it all with a few news and social modules in a custom storefront. The idea is that music fans are the best judges of good and relevant music, so by providing tools for users to create these microcosmic storefronts instead of directly selling tracks and albums by themselves, customers can discover more interesting music that fits their styles.