Orbitcast - Slacker now available for Android phones (Sirius XM: are you taking notes


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Oct 7, 2008

We heard that Slacker was showing off their mobile radio app for Google Android a few weeks ago, and now it's officially official - Slacker Radio is available for Android smartphones (including the Motorola DROID pictured above).

And while I'm happy for Slacker to keeping up with Pandora in entering the Android Market, this announcement irritates me because it just reminds me of how much Sirius XM are missing key opportunities.
Before I continue with my criticism of Sirius XM, let's just continue with the new Slacker Radio mobile app description. It's a free app, and available now from the Android Market. The Slacker app has been optimized for the new DROID by Motorola, DROID ERIS by HTC and the HTC G1 and HTC MyTouch Android handsets.

If you want to see photos of the Slacker app in use on Android, Zatz Not Funny has hands-on pics.

Now here's where I get annoyed.

Sirius XM have the opportunity to enter a burgeoning mobile platform like Android, and I bet it'll be at least a year before we see anything. At least.

We still don't have a decent BlackBerry app (the crippled XM app should have been expanded ages ago). There's nothing for the Palm Pre. And while I'm happy there's finally iPhone integration with the XM SkyDock and the Sirius XM iPhone app - consider the fact that Pandora was one of the first 500 apps introduced with the iPhone App Store. And now there's the Android Market - with both Slacker and Pandora already establishing loyal followings - and Sirius XM are sitting idle.

Missed opportunities? You bet.

Here's the big thing about the Android Market: there's no pesky approval process like the iTunes App Store. Remember, this is a market (as in "open" and "free") as opposed to a store (closed and restricted). Plus it's the rare opportunity to get in front of early adopters again.

But Sirius XM seem to be stuck in this "mass market" mentality. The early adopters used to be a priority, but not anymore. It seems that unless a market is mature - they won't even consider entering it.

And at that point, it's too late.

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