Orbitcast - Jesse Ventura walks off Opie & Anthony, and helps the show go "viral"


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Oct 7, 2008
I'm sorry for the hacky headline about "going viral" and tying that in to Sirius XM's The Virus channel, but this is one of the things that The Opie & Anthony Show does a job at: generating organic online buzz.

If fans didn't catch yesterday's show when Jesse Ventura walked off O&A on the air after being berated by on-air sidekick Jim Norton, they'll likely hear about it again.

I know because I missed the show (my damn day-job keeps getting in the way of hours of satellite radio listening), but I heard all about it on TMZ, Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Popeater and dozens of others outlets.

Within one day, the feature video (see below) from the Jesse Ventura incident on O&A has reached over 226,000 views and over 700 ratings. There are several other videos on Opie's YouTube channel that have views reaching in the thousands.

That's pretty impressive in a time when it's getting harder and harder to "go viral" with online videos. To put that in context, the top video on Sirius XM's own YouTube channel has only managed over 170,000 views... and it was posted over 8 months ago.

But it's a testament to the potential of using on-air moments to drive online interest.

Traditionally, radio is meant to be something experienced "in the moment" - and radio personalities, especially "shock jocks" like O&A, Howard, Bubba and the like, are pros at creating those "moments." I would love to see more radio personalities bridging that gap using social media to help capture and spread those moments to the outside world.

But back to Jesse Ventura walking off the air: The pivotal moment occurs when Jesse Ventura pats Jim Norton on the shoulder. You really don't know what's going to happen next.

"I started debating what kind of teeth I'd like to replace," Jim Norton told Punchline Magazine. Adding, "He was very fucking angry as we argued. So yes, I did think being belted in my fat face was a possibility."

I'll ask Orbitcast readers the same question I asked on Twitter: did you hear the show, and what did you think about it?

Thanks Logan!

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Oct 19, 2008
Norton won this one.

I hope Ventura comes back for Round 2 - and how!