Opie Radio Rebranded As Faction Talk

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    From Talkers.com

    SiriusXM Remodels ‘Opie Radio’; Re-Brands as ‘Faction Talk.’

    The former “Opie Radio” channel is rebranded by SiriusXM as “Faction Talk.” The satcaster describes the channel as “an unpredictable and provocative channel inspired by its punk-infused sister channel, the music and sports-focused “Faction.” The new “Faction Talk” launches on Monday (1/23) and will feature the live talk lineup of Jim Norton and Sam Roberts from 8:00 am to 11:00 am ET; the Jason Ellis show from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm; and the “Opie Radio Show” with Greg “Opie” Hughes from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.
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    It seems like this is the time of year that they want to make some channel & programming changes.

    Fox Sports Radios is taking over what was Bleacher Report Radio, channel 83.

    Stephen A Smith goes from Mad Dog Radio to ESPN.

    I wonder what other channel or programming changes are coming within the next week?
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    Sucks for those who have Sirius radios with select will not be able to hear this channel unless they upgrade their sub to XM select.
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  4. IndustrialH

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    Anyone notice some of the traffic channels going west?
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    Jason Ellis is now on Ch 136 for those with Sirius Radios with Sirius Select
  6. microbob

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    They recently announced that they did discontinue 11 traffic channels.
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    Is it still on 206 as well or removed from there?
  8. microbob

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    Faction Talk is on 206. Ch 136 only carries Jason Ellis from 11am to 3pm Eastern Time.
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    If you have 27 minutes, here is a good listen.

  12. scotchandcigar

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    "I think he still doesn't sleep well at night because of me" - Opie.

    Opie needs major therapy, and he needs to move on. He brings up this shit when he's got nothing interesting to talk about. O&A's animosity towards Howard began many years before Sirius even existed; any moron can see that his story is complete bullshit.
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  13. IndustrialH

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    Controversial talk show host Gregg “Opie” Hughes has been let go by SiriusXM Radio. The company confirmed his dismissal but gave no reason for the firing. According to theinterrobang.com, past episodes of “Opie Radio” were no longer available on SiriusXM’s On Demand platform late Wednesday (July 5) afternoon.

    Also, the show was no longer listed on the Faction Talk channel lineup, where his program aired, most recently in afternoons.

    “SiriusXM confirms it has terminated its relationship with Gregg ‘Opie’ Hughes, host of the ‘Opie Radio Show’ weekday afternoons on The Faction talk channel,” the company said in a statement to Inside Radio. “SiriusXM does not publicly discuss internal personal issues.”

    “Sorry, but I can honestly say I have no idea exactly what’s going on as I tweet this,” Hughes said on Twitter Thursday (July 6) afternoon. “More when I know.”

    Fans are speculating that the firing had to do with a controversy involving Opie and a former show booker. The incident was fodder for the program last week and involved the host filming the former booker in the bathroom, according to theinterrobang.com.

    Hughes was one-half of the infamous Opie & Anthony team that rose to fame on rock WAAF Boston and FM talker WNEW-FM New York—where they were fired after the “Sex for Sam 3” contest where contestants allegedly had sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral while on the phone with the hosts. The pair moved to satellite radio in 2004. Anthony Cumia was let go from SiriusXM in 2014 after a series of racially insensitive tweets. Hughes continued the program with comedian and show member Jim Norton. Norton has since moved to his own show on SiriusXM, paired with former Opie & Anthony producer Sam Roberts.
  14. geosync

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    Ouch, one goes for racism and the other for bathroom humor. Opie, it has to be funny first. I feel bad for Norton, this had to be the last stop of stardom no?
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