One antenna for 2 radios--splitter?

Matt Walter

New Member
Mar 25, 2009
I have original Sportster in house and car. I needed to upgrade and bought Stiletto 2 for home and car. I was very disappointed to find out that Stiletto home kit does not have FM transmitter!
So now I want to keep my Sportster working in home dock and right next to it will be my Stiletto dock---but now I must remove antenna from back to play Sportster and use FM transmitter. At night I plan to record Howard and then I must remove and plug in antenna into Stiletto home dock.
Is there a splitter available so that I don't have to do this process to switch radios?


Oct 9, 2008
New England
You should get this kit from TSS:

SIRIUS Home Signal Distribution Kit

It's an outdoor antenna that uses RG6 cable that feeds into a splitter. Then you can connect two radios to one antenna.

I have it and it works great!

Also, did you try turning on the FM transmitter in the menu of the SL2? I tried it before and it is very weak. You have to keep the SL2 next to your home receiver.