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    That was an awesome interview and absolutely love this new CD :bigclap:
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    So, no one here has noticed that Deep Tracks has been taken over by 'Voices Radio' the last 2 days at 6pm?

    Voices Radio is a Sirius Only channel, but is mysteriously showing up on XM & SXM radios which may indicate some more channel changes.
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    I got your Curious- They performed an investigation. Someone please Decode this for me please!

    Channel: DEEP TRACKS-SSR27/XMSR27
    Subject: Automation, Playout and Routing Equipment and Systems

    Description: At 1859 the ECC was notified by the Service Desk of reports of improper audio airing on Deep Tracks Ch 27. ECC, Service Desk and BNOC could not confirm any irregularities in audio on any platform after auditing, and a request for more information to include platform affected and time of impact was sent. No response was received for the particulars until XXX called the ECC at 2100 with more specifics sent to him specifically, and further NY and DC investigation continued. It was found on DC A/B stream Radio Players rewind that Voices Radio Ch165 promo audio was heard cutting in at the top of the 1800 hour on Deep Tracks, and a change in programming to MultiCultural Radio Ch165 was confirmed until 1900 when a hard switch back to Deep Tracks / Jim Ladd's live show was confirmed. After multiple emails and discussion, DC automation transactions will be investigated in the morning per XXX for irregularities; the Deep Tracks as-run shows no irregularities, and all DC Dalet content for Deep Tracks had the correct programming for the channel. NY advised no irregular Pathfinder routes or anything else out of the ordinary could be found. XXX’s were notified via email. It is still unclear from any report, email or phone conversation which platforms were initially reported impacted; DC is unable to specifically confirm satellite delivery content change, and only streaming has been verified to reflect the change in audio.
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    Coming Thursday night:

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    Xm 27

    Jim Ladd show? 7pm est?
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    Yes, probably not 7- most guests come on at 9pm. More details when I get them- Stay Tuned. DRC may be the only place you can find out!
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    Tonight at 9pm ET on Deep Tracks SXM 27

    Interview & track-by-track Preview


    “The Royal Sessions†track listing:

    1) Thank You
    2) Down Don’t Bother Me
    3) I Can’t Stand The Rain
    4) I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
    5) That’s How Strong My Love Is
    6) Walk On By
    7) Any Old Way
    8) It’s Growing
    9) Born Under A Bad Sign
    10) Dreams To Remember


    Bad Company’s Founding Singer, Songwriter And Multi-Instrumentalist Records Versions Of Classic Songs At Memphis’ Royal Studios With Original Session Musicians

    Paul Rodgers, longtime singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with Bad Company, has partnered with 429 Records and is gearing up for the release of “The Royal Sessionsâ€â€”a lovingly crafted collection of classic R&B and soul songs re-imagined by the iconic rock singer recorded at Memphis’ Royal Studios, historic home of Willie Mitchell and Hi Records, with many of the musicians who played on the original tracks. Truly a lifetime in the making, Rodgers has come full circle with “The Royal Sessions†as he pays homage to the legendary hits he collected on 45s released on Stax/Volt, Goldwax and Hi Records—recordings by Otis Redding, Albert King and Ann Peebles which made such an indelible impression on the young Rodgers inspiring him to pursue a career as a singer. Produced by Perry Margouleff, “The Royal Sessions†is an extraordinary recording which captures the music in its pure form—live band and vocal takes as performed together at Royal Studios by Rodgers and an all-star roster of legendary musicians. The band is a dream lineup of those who played on the original hits dating back to the 60’s. The classic rhythm section includes Reverend Charles Hodges (Hammond B3), Michael Tolls (guitar), LeRoy Hodges Jr. (bass), “Hubby†Archie Turner (Wurlitzer), Steve Potts and James Robertson Sr. (drums), The Royal Horns and the Royal Singers. “The Royal Sessions†will be released on 429 Records in the U.S. (international release dates below).

    “The Royal Sessions†is a remarkable project that came together as Rodgers was working on a solo record and producer Margouleff had just discovered that Royal Studios was still up and running under the auspices of Willie “Pops†Mitchell’s son Lawrence “Boo†Mitchell. The opportunity to record in such a hallowed place with musicians he considered personal heroes was a dream come true. The Memphis players forged an immediate bond when presented with his formidable talent and sincere love of the songs. Deeply felt, powerfully sung and expertly played, it features a cross-section of material hand-picked by Rodgers, songs of great historical significance and personal meaning.

    Says Rodgers: “I really felt I had to get deeper inside myself than I ever had in my life. The end result is that recording these songs left me recharged as a singer and also as a songwriter. My favorite part was the love we could feel in the room throughout all the sessions. We all spoke the same language.â€

    Says Margouleff: “I wanted to make the most of this incredible opportunity so I recorded Paul and the band live in the studio. We captured the pure energy of their performance. Recording in an all analogue format the sonic quality is unparalleled and the listener can experience the music on a deeper level.â€

    All of the proceeds from “The Royal Sessions†will be donated to local Memphis music education programs. Special howcase performances by Paul Rodgers with the musicians on “The Royal Sessions†will be announced.
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    Attention Deep Trackers: The Pink Floyd Channel has taken over! at least until Monday @ 3am
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    I've been listening to Deep Tracks for the first time lately. I like it. I always expected it was harder rock but it isn't.
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    Xm 27

    For those who do not like DJ's on channels. (I do like them)

    Into the Night

    Weekdays 11 pm - 6 am, Weekends 12 am - 8 am ETClassic album rock, landmark songs, lost gems, off-beat cuts and live concerts from the '60s and '70s. Hear artists like Pink Floyd, Cream, The Allman Brothers, Led Zeppelin, Grateful Dead and more.

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