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    This gem is way before that solo hit- unbelievable sound quality from almost 40 years ago!!
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    Just in case you haven't listened to SXM in the past few days and heard this on every channel:

    Hall of Fame Preview Weekend on Classic Vinyl
    Starts Today at Noon ET & runs through Sunday
    Hear music from the Class of 2014 and every inductee at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. SiriusXM congratulates the 2014 inductees with a Shared Transmission of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio and Classic Vinyl.
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    Still dead to me......but I'll listen anyway...... dammit......

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    Why in the world would you do that? You already have that on your Lynx at Ch 310 24/7 and with enhanced Sound Quality! This is for subscribers who don't have a 2.0 radio- just saying
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    Because I'm a wild man! You can't cage me!
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    :bigthumbup: Next week, after this takeover, Dennis Elsas takes over the 6pm- midnight shift for Meg.

    Classic Vinyl with Dennis Elsas
    Dennis Elsas helped to shape the sound of the FM progressive revolution of the '70s. Over the course of his career, he's interviewed John Lennon, Elton John, Pete Townshend and many others. A true record collector, he's proud to say he still has all of his original "classic vinyl!"
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    Prepare yourself for "Fab Feb"

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    Classic Vinyl’s Fab Feb


    50 years ago, the 4 Lads from Liverpool landed in New York City and changed music in America forever. All throughout February, Classic Vinyl takes a look back at the career of one of rock and roll’s most important bands. You’ll hear extra Beatles songs, important moments from the band’s history and comments from the Beatles.

    Begins tomorrow February 1 @ 6 am ET, airing hourly through Saturday, March 1, 3am ET

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    Tue May 13 10:00 pm ET
    Folk Rock Icon and two time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, David Crosby, performs classics and songs from his new album “Croz.” SiriusXM’s Earle Bailey talks to David Crosby about his career and his future plans.
    Rebroadcast: Wed May 14 4:00 pm ET, Fri May 16 6:00 am ET, Sat May 17 7:00 pm ET, Sun May 18 4:00 am ET, Sun May 18 12:00 pm ET
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    Still goin in his 70's. Good job dude.
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    Classic Vinyl’s 12 American Artists Who Revolutionized Rock and Roll

    Thursday 7/3 3 pm ET Classic Vinyl: Ch 26

    The British Invasion was followed by American Innovation. Celebrate the American Visionaries of the First Generation of Classic Rock. (1 hr)

    Rebroadcast: Thursday 7/3 6 pm ET , Friday 7/4 6 am ET , Friday 7/4 11 am ET , Friday 7/4 5 pm ET , Friday 7/4 11 pm ET , Saturday 7/5 4 am ET , Saturday 7/5 9 am ET , Saturday 7/5 3 pm ET , Saturday 7/5 10 pm ET , Sunday 7/6 2 am ET , Sunday 7/6 8 am ET , Sunday 7/6 12 pm ET , Sunday 7/6 6 pm ET , Monday 7/7 1 am ET
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    Good stuff Reds.

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