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Old Home doc VS New Home doc / Sporter Radio

Discussion in 'Sirius Radios' started by z-vap, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. z-vap

    z-vap New Member

    I have two of the old home docs, to go with my older Sportser Replay model.

    Currently my radio takes a long time to "get going", if its too hot it takes longer to start up. I believe this is a known issues for how old my radio is.

    I'm kicking around getting the Sportser V4 or V5, plus two universal home docs. The question I have is: are the connections (AC adapter, antenna) the same for the older home docs, and the universal home docs? I can save money by purchasing 2 of the universal home docs and use my existing adapters and antennas.


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  3. My name is Matt

    My name is Matt New Member

    Unfortunately the AC power adapter is different. The new radios take a 5V adapter and the old radio use a 12V adapter. The antennas will be the same. So all you would need are these two items:
    SIRIUS 5V Home AC Power Adapter
    SUPH Home Dock

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