Octane is...Awesome! Post channel change.

Discussion in 'Decades, Pop, Rock' started by Grüpsaar, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Okay, so I tuned into Octane after the channel change... One of my all time favorite stations. But, the repititon and constant inability to go a BIT deeper killed me...

    So, I check it out...Playing Hollywood Undead...What? Awesome. Never played before on Octane...Next?
    Smashing Pumpkins - F.L.O.W. Never before played, and followed by a Korn song never played on Octane.

    Awesome! I do see some channel regulars in there from before, which is fine, but, mixing newer and different stuff in with it is what I've ALWAYS wanted. I've been BEGGING jose and every other PD and DJ there for 2 years. Now, it finally seems to be happening. The rock hits, AND a good variety.

    I'm so happy.
  2. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    Well it is good to see someone happy! I thought I was the only one that was happy with the changes.
  3. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Okay, so, I can't stop freaking out.

    A quick search on doggstarradio shows the exact moment the switchover takes over. and you can EASILY see new XM deeper tracks sprinkled in between the hits. Songs and bands never before played, now getting airplay..

    I can't stop gushing! The excitement in listening to this station is back!
  4. awfulwaffle

    awfulwaffle Member

    it's 3am my time and i'm just up doing homework for my finance class tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. They always play more songs at night compared to the day when people are awake actually listening. I'll wait until the prime times to see what the playlist is like. I always liked Octane and Hard Attack, always switch between those 2. I might be switching from Octane alot less if this holds true. I am still hearing the same songs by Red, Avenged Sevenfold, Staind, etc. But as far as hearing random songs I have heard a couple in the time I have been streaming. It's been nice, but I never had a real problem with the repetition before. I don't listen to satellite radio constantly like some people on these boards, I don't really get tired of the repetition. I like listening to the hits.
  5. kingchuck69

    kingchuck69 Joker! Joker! Joker!

    I notice a lot of harder alternative on Octane now.
  6. gilpdawg

    gilpdawg Active Member

    It seems like the XM people are running Octane. The XM site for Octane still lists Bodhi as PD. The other channels that have been changed have the old info off there, like 42 doesn't list Cleaver as PD anymore.
  7. mercerboy

    mercerboy Member

    I just saw Alice in Chains on Octane...since they haven't played them since Lithium came around, that shows me that they've taken on the XM playlist for Octane. That is a great thing! As far as I know, Bodhi and Grant are going to be programming the station now...great news for people that want a little more rock variety! Props to Sirius on this one.
  8. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Agreed! Things are looking up, afterall!
  9. oncesir

    oncesir Member

    Proving what many of us knew all along. Squizz was a very well prog'd channel. Tons of variety and a playlist that doesnt get stale as fast as the old Octane's 100 song rotation. Im gonna laugh when all the Octane listeners post and compliment how much better the channel is now that its run by XM ppl.
  10. styckx

    styckx Member

    Still some programing "glitches" though looking at dogstar they played 3 Rob Zombie songs in a row

    20 Rob Zombie American Witch 11/12/2008 1:57:17 PM
    20 Rob Zombie Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroov 11/12/2008 1:54:12 PM
    20 Rob Zombie War Zone 11/12/2008 1:50:28 PM
  11. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    I saw they play a few artists twice or more in a row, not sure why, if its a glitch or something they wanted to do.

    Let it be known, I was NEVER under the impression Sirius's Octane was better then Squizz, I never had any anger towards XM or anything.
  12. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    I heard Kayla on Octane today, I hope one of those XM dj's replace that annoying dj which does the morning on Octane. I don't remember his name, all I know he some kind of skate boarder dude.

    Octane is my #1 favorite stations on Sirius and I notice a few new songs, I never heard before and I enjoyed some of them.
  13. gilpdawg

    gilpdawg Active Member

    They do that occasionally. It's called "The Shitload Zone," because they play a shitload of songs by one artist. Although they didn't call it that when they played 3 Zombie songs in a row today.
  14. WACF

    WACF Member

    Thank God the spirit of Squizz will live on.

    Glad Bohdi and Grant made it through...Squizz was one channel I thought was well done.
  15. awfulwaffle

    awfulwaffle Member

    That is Jason Ellis. Tons of people love his afternoon show on Faction, but I'm not a huge fan of his. He used to talk so much shit about music he had to play on Octane, it was hilarious. The one person I do miss is Cabby. He ran a great show on Saturday nights.

    Kayle will never go away. She is like the Madison of Octane.
  16. styckx

    styckx Member

    Ok, I've been listening to Octane now at work for a good 8hrs straight. Mind you this is an XM guy who had Sirius years ago and couldn't stand Octane cause of their seemingly 50 song playlist.

    It's like Squizz w/ a slight tweak to the fans of the hits. Amazing channel (get rid of Kayla plz), they somehow actually improved on the Squizz format without ruining it.
  17. Grüpsaar

    Grüpsaar DRC Forum Bum

    Agreed. Listening for a few more hours today, after listening for 4 hours yesterday.

    No longer can I predict the next 10 songs! With the Sirius Octane, I could predict that at least 10 or so songs I knew would play. Now, I tune in, hear different songs from yesterday, with maybe 3 or so of the current 'rock hits' thrown in. And it's not played to death 2 hours later. Amazing. This is the exact balance I wanted for the last 2 years.

    Thank you Bodhi and Grant for coming over, and Bodhi for programming Octane like Squizz.
  18. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    That the name Jason Ellis, I'm not a fan of him. I like Kayla, I been listening to her for a couple of years now.
  19. flap_jackson

    flap_jackson Well-Known Member

    Ellis said on his Faction show that doing Faction and Octane was just too much on his plate, so he just dropped Octane. :buttrock:
  20. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    That good!

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