Non-factory in dash Sirius on a Mini Cooper


Oct 10, 2008
Chicago, IL
Hello everyone,
There is an issue I have recently run into. Has anyone ever installed non-factory sirius on a factory radio in a Mini Cooper?
I know we have a solution to it here at TSS Radio but I was just wondering if anyone as a practical real world installation they have ever done.

The reason I am asking is because there is a customer who was trying to install what we have on what would generally be an incompatible Mini. However, this man is the president of a Mini Cooper club so I would assume that he would know something more about Mini Coopers than I would.

He insists his '08 Cooper is exactly the same in every way as the '06 Mini Cooper, which is when the compatibility stops. We've tried a few options, partially in the name of trying to get this to work. With all of the options he called a club meeting and they tried installing these products in every club member's car, and to no avail, not a single Mini was able to interface with a product that should able to interface with a Mini Cooper.

So, has anyone installed a non-factory Sirius in-dash radio into their factory Mini Cooper radio?:help: