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Discussion in 'Howard Stern' started by Die_LaMattres, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Die_LaMattres

    Die_LaMattres Active Member

    On today's show, Howard claimed that he was originally scheduled to have next week off, but was coming in to hopefully drum up late fourth quarter sales for Sirius. At this point, isn't that like trying to sell a bottle of water to a drowning man? LOL

    I'm looking forward to a good week of shows. I know if I told my workers that their vacation would be spent at work, they would be thrilled, and give more than the usual 100%.

    I'm willing to bet that the usual pattern of guests (whore, rapper, stripper, rapper, stripper, Greg Fitzsimmons, whore) will give way to decent guests and freshly produced bits to lure new Sirius subscribers in. Roughly, to eliminate the 4 Billion dollar debt, Sirius would need about 25 million new subs. Good luck!
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  2. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    They should get Chuck Zito,Dee Snyder and Tito Ortiz in for good measure.
  3. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    I'll take it over another week of taped specials
  4. DoublEE

    DoublEE Active Member

    whore, rapper, William Shatner, stripper, Dee Snider, rapper, stripper, Greg Fitzsimmons, whore, Joan Rivers and Katie Joel with a pinch of North Shore Animal League.
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  5. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    Don't forget Pam Anderson.
  6. Neigh

    Neigh Well-Known Member

    Dee Schnieder (sorry, Snider or Snyder?) , Bob Schimel, Katie Joel with Beth Stern, Mr. T
  7. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    those are all A-listers compared to mike walker!!
  8. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    Please, please, please - no more porn-whores.

    How does being on air next week drum-up new subs? Potential customers can't hear the show, so he'd only be playing to current subs. Maybe he's trying to win over those whose free subs are about to expire? Or trying to hold those who are starting to cancel?
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  9. TheScionicMan

    TheScionicMan Last non-Hating Stern Fan

    I wonder if he'll work Friday too?
  10. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    Mike Walker has provided some quality laughs. His fart still makes me laugh, and the phoney calls they've made with his voice are classic.
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  11. hank-the-dwarf

    hank-the-dwarf Well-Known Member

    That stuff is great but the gossip game is just not for me when i listen the testosterone leaves my body for a few minutes.
  12. Bark

    Bark Hey Now!

    The only reason Howard does it is so that Mike Walker won't report on him. I think that strategy is moderately successful, but not completely.
  13. geosync

    geosync Well-Known Member

    Aren't they normally on during next week's span of days anyway?
  14. The Butler

    The Butler Well-Known Member

    That's what I was thinking. One week for Thanksgiving and 2 over XMas and New Years. Maybe it was that week that he took off after the wedding.
  15. TheScionicMan

    TheScionicMan Last non-Hating Stern Fan

    Don't let facts get in the way of a good negative thread.

    Some people will bitch whether the show is on or not... It doesn matta...
  16. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    Did he really say that? That's something to listen for.
  17. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    Yes. It must have been a recent decision because Robin said it messed up her plans.
  18. Jgatie

    Jgatie Banned

    Somehow a story about skipping a vacation in order to come in and do a live show turns into a bitch thread about lack of effort and bad guests.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it just a few weeks back that certain posters were asking him to give something back in order to help Sirius?

    And isn't one of the main gripes people have is he takes too many vacations?

    Truly fucking ponderous. :confused:
  19. IronJabroni

    IronJabroni Well-Known Member

    this is correct, and she sounded a little annoyed about it if you can imagine that!
  20. Forevernever

    Forevernever Active Member

    She indeed did seem rather unhappy about it. She probably had to reschedule a week's worth of cramming things up her ass.

    For some, its too little too late and probably comes across as insincere (doing it only because the company's foundering). If it becomes a regular thing, they might change their tune.
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