News/Sports changes soon?

Discussion in 'SiriusXM Soundwave Cafe' started by drfreeman777, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. drfreeman777

    drfreeman777 Active Member

    I think it would make sense(cents!)that would combine
    sirius and xm news,talk,sports channels.
    thought i remember reading something a while ago about jan 15th as a date they would do something.
    what do you all think?
  2. TJ Rives is apparently coming back to Sirius XM beginning next week.

    Also Rivals Radio and The Dan Patrick Show are moving to XM 143, which will also be debuting Into the Night with Tony Bruno weeknights at 11 PM.
  3. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I think we will see this happen, as you said it just makes sense to do so. But technically channels like Fox News, CNN it really won't make much difference since those are just piped in anyway. I think an effort will be made to clean up any duplication that isn't necessary. Sort of like they did with the Fox Business News, Bloomberg, CNBC etc.
  4. Bandit 5160

    Bandit 5160 Member

    Well, XM currently has several talk channels, a lot of which have the same sort of seldom listened to content:

    152 Extreme Talk
    158 America's Talk
    165 Talk Radio

    Also there is 160 Reach MD, which can't be that deifferent from Doctor Radio on 119.

    Some of these could be axed, and few would realize they were gone.

    Also, will CNN, FOX News, and BBC News all survive? What about POTUS? We already have America Left and America Right.
  5. Wolf

    Wolf The Lone Wolf

    I think that will probably be the next wave of merging some talk news/sports stations. But I really don't listen to them just Stern and the music channels!
  6. DAB

    DAB Mod Emeritus

    I think we'll see the left and right stuff consolidated between services Reach MD and Doctor Radio are NOTHING a like. One is geared towards the professional only, the other is geared towards the patient. In my opinion if they had to pick just one it should be Doctor Radio.

    My understanding is POTUS is here to stay.
  7. lronglien

    lronglien Member

    merging sports

    I'd sure like Sporting News Radio on both services.
  8. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    What DATA do you have saying those are seldom listened to? :confused:

    I listen to 152, 158 and 165 quite a bit. Most people dislike them because they are Clear Channel stations. I listen to Bruce Williams, Dave Ramsey and Lex & Terry to name a few.
  9. joe2k4

    joe2k4 Member

    I love 173 wlw a lot, and Fox Sports Radio 142. I think Sirius should try and get this station on there service, because it kills Sporting news and is a great station. ANyway SiriusXm sports nation starts next monday 143 on XM and 122 on Sirius. Maddog radio also starts the Fifth, so will see how that channel works. i am kind of excited to hear a 24 hour sports channel put out by Srius, but I just hope they can get the listeners.
  10. macfanatic010

    macfanatic010 Member

    I don't think XM can get rid of those 3 channels -- they are all programmed by Clear Channel and if the thing about the Clear Channel music channels hold true with the talk, then they can't remove them.
  11. goreds2

    goreds2 Well-Known Member

    You are correct.

    I forgot to include that I also love XM173 (WLW). It is based in Cincinnati so there is a lot of Cincy Reds talk during the season.

    700WLW - THE BIG ONE
  12. Never ever going to happen. For these reasons:

    1.) Mel and Sirius XM hate Clear Channel. Much moreso than when it was just XM.
    2.) Sirius XM cannot sell advertising on those channels. The advertising is sold by Premiere Radio Networks, a CC subsidiary. There is no monetary benefit to CC channels consuming bandwidth on the Sirius platform, whereas Sirius could add one of their homegrown channels and sell ads on it instead.
    3.) It would grant CC more bandwidth than contractually obligated, essentially giving a free hand-out to a company that vehemently opposed their merger, and increasing their revenue thanks to the additional listeners.

    And the "contract" doesn't expire either. CC owns that 409.6 kbps forever, as long as Clear Channel Radio, Inc. remains a part of Clear Channel Communications, Inc.
  13. macfanatic010

    macfanatic010 Member

    Hypothetically, since Clear Channel bought into XM's equity, if SiriXM had the $, couldn't they recall Clear Channel's stock and pay whatever the price is for calling the stock?
  14. CC sold the stock in August 06. They paid a cancellation fee to Bear Stearns and profited over $3 million from the sale of XMSR stock.
  15. macfanatic010

    macfanatic010 Member

    they still own the bandwidth even though they sold their investment in xm?
  16. Jleimer

    Jleimer Active Member

    I would hope with the talk merger that some of Sirius's left talent is axed e.g. Lynn Samules because she sucks big time and I would want some of Air America's talent but not all of it because I can get that via the internet and podcast.
  17. Bandit 5160

    Bandit 5160 Member

    National Lampoon Radio is unneeded on XM, but let me guess- Clear Channel!

    Also, what do you think is going to happen with political talk- there will be a SiriusXM Left and a SiriusXM Right, each of which have the same content on Sirius and XM? What of the contracts that various show hosts have with Sirius and with XM, wouldn't it be harder to honor all of them with a merger of channels? Or do these hosts even have contracts to be on Sirius and/or XM?

    Finally, let's take off Radio Disney. It is on FM about everywhere and is unneeded on SiriusXM. But let me guess, we can't get rid of it due to contracts!
  18. Yeah. Although the Mays brothers got kicked off the board.


    Correction: It's on AM everywhere. It only has 4 or 5 FM signals. And knowing Disney-ABC, I'll bet it's probably a cramdown for carrying ESPN Radio.

    You know what IS on FM everywhere? NPR. However, no one seems to think sat rad shouldn't carry it.

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