New radio purchase help


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Mar 16, 2009
I am in the market to buy a portable Sirius radio. I was looking at the S 50 Exec Dock (BS50PK1) on the Sirius web site under reconditioned radios. I am looking for a radio that I can listen to when I am riding my bike and that will play in my home. Also if I could add it to my car when I travel, that would be a bonus. I had some questions about this radio and when I called Sirius, I got someone who just read from the spec sheet and could not really answer my questions, so I thought that I would try this forum:

1) Is this a "good" choice - price is $99 ?

2) Does it have an internal antenna or does it come with an external one. If external, can it just be plugged into the docking station or does it have to be mounted outside the house?

3) What would I have to buy to adapt it to my car?

It is obvious that I am new to this. Any help would be appreciated.



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Oct 11, 2008
Toronto, ON
From what I have read here, if the S50 works, the owners love it. To me though it sounds like a quirky radio. Keep in mind that if you are buying it from Sirius, the FM transmitter has likely been neutered. Also keep in mind that the radio is long out of production so accessories may be hard to find.

Are you stuck on the Sirius side or would an XM radio appeal to you? XM has more portables to choose from (Delphi MiFi, Pionner Inno, XMP3) and they may also suit your needs. The content is almost identical between Sirius and XM.


Oct 16, 2008
You'll definitely want a home dock. You'll want an external antenna outside the house connected to it. This is where you will do most of your recording. The great thing is, if you are excercising, why bother with live radio? You can fill it with tons of recorded music and shows and just listen to that and not have to worry about the shoddy portable reception.

In the car. If you have a casette deck or an aux port, you can plug the radio in like an MP3 and not worry about a dock. Of course this would be for recorded content only. To listen live, you'll need an antenna on the roof and a car dock. You'll also need to pull out you car stereo and connect the sirius dock to the FM relay device (assuming you don't have an aux port on your car stereo).

I highly recommend a portable device. I have a Stiletto 100. It has changed how I listen. Now, I rarely listen live. When I'm at home, I program it to record music, and Howard, and shows like Breakfast with the Beatles, etc.. Then I have great content wherever I am.. on the bike, at work, working out, mowing the lawn, on the go. for me, it is similar to how my TV viewing changed once I got a DVR. rarely watch live unless it is sports.

Another great feature of listening to recorded content.... you can skip over any song you don't like, or any talking etc...