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Discussion in 'SiriusXM News & Talk' started by MadisonRadio1, Sep 29, 2016.

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    I'm surprised they haven't had a channel like this already. Looking forward to it launching.
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    So that's what they're doing with 106. It's not been used since they shut down OutQ.

    It sounds like something I'd check out
  4. IndustrialH

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    The way older artists were dropping at the beginning of the year I hope they are recording material at a rate of knots, one never knows who will be next.
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    This is a pretty good game show. They have a contestant from each decade compete in a three round elimination. Then the last person has to correctly answer a question from each decade

    '70s ’80s ’90s Now Tuesdays 1 p.m. ET
    '70s ’80s ’90s Now is a music trivia game show hosted by former MTV and VH1 personality Jim Shearer. This lively show that is equal parts name that tune and fun-filled trivia will allow listeners to test their musical IQ while learning some obscure facts.
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    Who wants to answer this question of the day?
    SiriusXM VOLUME ‏@siriusxmvolume 4 hours ago

    What bands or artists do you think should have been bigger than they were? #Feedback

    I know they had a few good songs but I thought Night Ranger would be more popular than they were.
    EDIT: Adding Billy Squier
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    David Lee Roth, the solo artist
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  9. MadisonRadio1

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    Swing Out Sister

    They are too good to not be well known.
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    I saw that this morning.

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    Great show on Volume tonight that was on 60's on 6 but it talks about music from all era's. It will now be two hours instead of one. I actually record it on the XM MyFi every Sunday and listen on the work commute on Mondays.

    XM 106 Volume

    Sun Feb 19 10:00 pm - Mon Feb 20 12:00 am est. (Live Show)

    The Diner with Lou Simon
    It's a national conversation about music! You never know what Lou and the callers will talk about next!
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