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Discussion in 'XM Radios' started by DAB, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Well its been a long time in coming. I finally decided I wanted something besides my old factory radio, using my XM Skydock and iPod for Sat Radio. I liked the current setup, because through my iPod and/or iPhone I was able to get everything I wanted sort of all in one.

    I think from my past most of you know I am partial to JVC Head Unit. I've had a few JVC head units over the years and they have always served me well. So it was natural that when I went looking that I'd look in that direction. I also found out that JVC and Kenwood merged under JVC (article here)

    So, which JVC did I go with. JVC KW-KV60 and boy howdy it does everything I wanted and then some. Now I don't need the XM Skydock, because when I purchased the JVC head unit, I also picked up one of the (Sirius XM Ready) XM Tuners. This thing is so freaking small, wow we've come a long way baby. I couldn't believe it. I included a picture below.

    This head unit gives me Video from my iPod, along with Pandora, MOG, Tune In, Motion X Drive Navigation. All works seamlessly from the touch control display. This baby also does DiVX though I don't I'll use that much.

    Here are some pictures:

    JVC KW-AV60 Plus the SiriusXM Ready XM Tuner

    Here is the XM Tuner, the size is so small compared to previous setups I've had. Used my existing antenna and these new head units don't require a translater so its just the tuner/interface cable and an antenna.

    Sirius Interface on the JVC (Nice SiriusXM Logo) though a bit blurry.


    Here is MOG on the JVC (Still love MOG sound quality over everything else)

    Pandora on the JVC (Great interface)

    Tune In (Won't use this much)

    Slacker on the JVC (Not supported natively, but it works)

    The iPod Interface looks just like the Slacker interface, so I won't post a picture of it.

    I also didn't take a picture of the navigation screen, but if anyone wants to see it I will. It looks and works great. I can tell you finding POI's is a hell of a lot more up to date than anything Garmin has right now.

    These pictures aren't the highest quality as I was in a hurry and the sun was so bright it was hard not to get any shadows.

    This head unit is currently $274 on Amazon and you can also buy the SiriusXM Ready XM Tuner for $50 and there is a $30 mail in rebate.

    I totally love this setup!

    One point of interest, when I first turned on the head unit, I noticed right away that the copyright info says 2012 JVC Kenwood Corporation. Also the XM Tuner was already activated. Not sure why, but when it dies I will contact Sirius and move my subscription over.
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    Nice! :bigthumbup:
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    Very nice!
    Looks awesome.

    It seems like it would take a while to get used to all those features (at first) while driving. How intuitive is it out of the box?

    Post a pic of Angry Birds!

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    Thanks, Well the interface is just a matter of hitting what you want to do from the main menu. So there is no fumbling or plugging and unplugging once you initially plug in your iPod or iPhone. It like changing a preset on your current factory radio.

    You hit SiriusXM and it plays, Pandora and it plays, the only thing with apps is they have to be on your device of course and open, though not necessarily in the foreground.

    For me Hec it was more fumbling around when I had to actually do everything from my iPod.

    In regards to driving, one should never be messing with this stuff while on the road. However, there is a slight learning curve, so until you get familiar with it you likely need to just take some time while parked to learn it.

    A buddy of mine plugged in his Flash Drive this morning with some DiVX movies on it and bam this baby played them. He was so excited as his current Alpine requires that he convert them.
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    You mention Pandora, how about Slacker?
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    I mention Slacker in my review.

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    Ok. I missed that the first time (only 1 sentence). Pandora is native or also something that works through your iPod/iPhone?
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    My understanding is these music services make their API's available for companies like JVC to integrate them into their head unit APP Link. You see many car companies using this App Link Mode into new cars. Pandora is one of the best known one that has done this. MOG has now gotten into it, along with iHeart Radio, Tune In to name a few. Missing from that list Slacker. Slacker always seems to be a day late and a dollar short when it comes to this stuff. Though admittedly they seem to be more focused on adding programming these days thinking that difference will net them more subscribers. I am not sure that strategy is going to work.

    Slacker does work, but it works in iPod Mode so it works almost like an iPod in that the artist, song title, album, along with album art will show up on the head unit screen. However, the big difference unlike the others that JVC is using their API's you don't have access to do anything with Slacker from the head unit screen. On Pandora for example I can do everything on my head unit display that I would do on their iOS App or even directly on their web site. If Slacker had the focus that Pandora does in terms of keeping up technology wise, with their great programming they would be an amazing company.

    Anyway.. the head unit is great, having the App Link mode along with all these services supporting it is great. I now have an all in one solution that does what I need.
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    IdRatherBeSkiing Sherbert is not and never will be ice cream

    Thanx for clarifying. Slacker seems to be its own worst enemy sometimes.

    Btw. It sounds like a cool head unit. Enjoy.
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    Here is a link that sort of explains the App Link that JVC has added to the 2012 head units.

    [ame=]JVC Mobile Smartphone App-Link - CES 2012 First Look! - YouTube[/ame]
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    Not that anyone is interested, but after my initial review I started having a problem with this head unit restarting out of the blue. Just driving down the road listening to some Pandora and "BAM" restart.

    I contacted JVC after it did it like 3 times and they told me there was an update available. They directed to me their support web site, where I download the update to a flash drive. Use the flash drive to do the update which took about 10 minutes. Did a reset, which of course lost all my previous setting. So, I went through the setup again. It has now been 5 or so days and the head unit has not restarted again. So, whatever was causing the issue appears to have been addressed in this update.

    This model ships with Software Version 1.01, but the update brings it to 1.05.

    I did start giving some consideration to the Pioneer App Radio when this started happening, but in comparison to the JVC. They Pioneer lacks many features, including a DVD/CD Drive.
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    A 10 minute update? Wowzers.
    Glad it's working out.
  13. DAB

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    Yeah I think it totally rewrites the OS, so 10 minutes to fix the issue was worth it.

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