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  1. DavisD

    DavisD New Member

    All, I am a new sirius sub/listener. I asked this question in the walk the dog forum but was hoping for maybe some better luck in here.

    I know there is no dedicated New Jack Swing (NJS) channel on sirius. But I was wondering if there might be a NJS program on sirius? Might there be some time slot on a specific channel that plays NJS music? I hear some on 90s on 9 but looking for more consistent programing.

  2. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    If it is Ok, I would like to comment, please. I know New Jack is scary to some people....

    Siriusly, you must have Sirius and not XM. I believe the Groove (only on XM) might play New Jack. As great as an New Jack station sounds, it seems very doubtful since there isn't a station for old school hip-hop or disco/classic dance, which you can't argue have much deeper playlists and are definately harbingers of New Jack. New Jack is a great genre but they dedicate so much to rock and country, it unless they get a lot more bandwith or start releazing that music is a much bigger draw than most of their talk, it will not happen. Now a weekly show on Heart and Soul is a possibility (rather than on a decade channel since New Jack was in both the 80s and 90s). if you were to program a New jack station, what songs our artists would you include. I think the most obvious is Bobby Brown, Babyface, Pebbles and Al B. Sure but other than that, I'm not sure.
  3. DavisD

    DavisD New Member

    Maybe a Program not a channel...

    The idea to create a NJS or modern soul would be appropriate. To take an example from video Grand Theft Auto San Andreas one of the most popular "channels" was CSR. CSR is the NJS/modern soul channel. This exposure in the game brought attention to the genre from a mass consumer point of view.

    Here is the track list from the game:
    * SWV - "I'm So Into You"
    * Soul II Soul - "Keep on Movin'"[2]
    * Samuelle - "So You Like What You See"
    * En Vogue - "My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)"
    * Johnny Gill - "Rub You the Right Way"[2]
    * Ralph Tresvant - "Sensitivity"
    * Guy - "Groove Me"
    * Aaron Hall - "Don't Be Afraid"
    * Boyz II Men - "Motownphilly"
    * Bell Biv DeVoe - "Poison"
    * Today - "I Got the Feeling"
    * Wreckx-N-Effect - "New Jack Swing"
    * Bobby Brown - "Don't Be Cruel"

    There are many other classics and other deep cuts/tracks that could fill and hour show on heart and soul or some other channel.

    I am not requesting SiriusXm to start a program...I am just asking if there was already one that I did not know about...:clueless:
  4. geosync

    geosync Well-Known Member

    I've never heard a program on Sirius that played New Jack exclusively. You'll find some on channel 51, but that would probably be the only place on Sirius.
  5. beaniemac

    beaniemac Well-Known Member

    only station on sirius (cuz i dont have best of xm) could be on ch51 which is heart and soul I believe. and even that channel isn't dedicated to early 90's late 80's r&b. maybe they could put together a special, but I don't see this as a regular thing tho.
  6. v1ru5

    v1ru5 Well-Known Member

    Now that Backspin is returning we should get our NJS fix.
  7. RyanSirius

    RyanSirius Member

    Shocked yet pleased!
  8. VinnyM27

    VinnyM27 Active Member

    I don't think there was but I would heavily suggest that you do suggest a program. Heart and Soul, which has been progessivly becoming more and more light Urban AC, used to have Funk Fridays and might have mixed some extra New Jack in there but they mostly played 70s and 80s funk. I'm not 100% sure of the Groove's lineup. They might play some New Jack.
  9. v1ru5

    v1ru5 Well-Known Member

    The Groove has played some of those songs.
  10. TSSJimmyCoN

    TSSJimmyCoN Member

    how about the the humpty dance?

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